Kabhi Apni Shakal Dekhi hai?  ‘Have you ever seen your own face?

Feisal Naqvi who is an advocate in Supreme Court OF Pakistan has written a very thought provoking article in Express Tribune by the title Kabhi apni shakal dekhi hai?  ‘Have you ever seen your own face?’.

He writes

The question came to my mind when I witnessed some earnest discussions between Pakistani and Indian intellectuals at a dinner. One of the topics of discussion was inevitably Kashmir and that the people of Kashmir should be allowed to fulfil their natural destiny by joining with Pakistan. But the thought which kept going through my head was: Kabhi apni shakal dekhi hai?

Salient Excerpts of the Article

Pakistan is a mess these days: its economy is poised on the edge of a complete meltdown. Its  largest city has just gone through a phase in which more than a hundred people were shot dead at random. The industries are crippled by a lack of electricity. Today Pakistan is one of the world’s most water-stressed countries and also likely to be one of the worst affected by climate change, besides being driven by sectarian hatred and assault by religious fanatics.

He goes on and on and then ask a question to his Pakistani friends:

Starting from the belief that the Kashmiris want to be Pakistanis and that the ‘loss’ of Kashmir is somehow fatal to our national existence — we have dedicated ourselves to winning back what is ‘rightfully’ ours. In pursuit of that victory, we have developed only one arm of the state: The army.

But it makes no sense for Pakistan to destroy itself in support of the Kashmiri cause only because it removes any rational incentive for the Kashmiris to join with us.

Obviously, whether or not Kashmiris really want to join us is a question only they can answer.

Frankly speaking, at this point, I can’t see why they sould?


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