Political Profiteering China’s ‘COVID-19 Assistance’ Great-Game

Xi’s ‘Aid Chauvinism’ is still all Hollow


By 2006, Millions of US dollars worth Chinese aid pledge to tsunami-hit countries had been mostly fulfilled, which involved a 21.6 million yuan (about 2.6 million US dollars) worth of emergency aid, 500 million yuan worth of damage- relief aid and a 20 million US dollars aid for multi-lateral assistance.

Except that none were an aid.

Albeit an employment prospect for its Chinese workers and revenue generation for Chinese state owned companies.

Now, during COVID second wave wreaking havoc in India, Xi Jinping is offering additional assistance to India in battling the coronavirus outbreak.

Or is he, in some genuineness?

Well PM Modi and Indian Government do not feel so. How well they are justified?

“We are not a Threat”!

China’s 2004 Tsunami Relief Pre Conditions still hurt Nations

The devastating tsunami that crashed ashore throughout Asia on December 26, 2004 sparked the largest international reconstruction effort in recent history. As governments and NGOs across the globe mobilized to provide aid to affected regions, political rivalries were temporarily put aside in the spirit of altruism. Nations rapidly deployed to rescue survivors and deliver aid for reconstruction.

However, the massive humanitarian response notwithstanding, politics were never very far from the surface.

China’s response to the disaster reflected in its ambitious aspirations to play a different muscleman role in the region, as well as a desire to gain regional acceptance of its bull, and extend its reach. China, in its response to the disaster, cements the otherwise lingering concerns about the country’s so called advertised “peaceful rise”, as the military’s absence seems to indicate a political calculation to keep the PLA out of the relief effort. While China’s use of “soft power” has, for the moment, outpaced its ability to challenge American dominance in the region, its insistence of having rebuilding efforts by its own companies, as well as its own raw materials, in return for favourable Other business concessions, has successive governments questioning intentions of China.

Hence, no aid, and any reconstruction work done, was by Chinese State owned companies, who got compensated through leveraging the parent country, to give in to concessions.

Leveraging as well as bribing Nation’s leaders?

Indonesia was targeted, wherein by the end of 2005, total Chinese investment in Indonesia has reached over $6 billion; in the infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and food sectors. The figure represented an over 21-fold increase after the 2004 Tsunami.

Who can forget the post Tsunami doling out of deals to China by Philippine’s Arroyo, who declared China to be “a very good big brother.”

Brother eh!

Amongst others, he signed a highly irregular and ostentatiously costly National Broadband Network (NBN), a $329.5 million so called initiative, to give the government an online presence throughout the archipelago(The deal, signed by Arroyo on the sidelines of the Boao Forum on Hainan Island, China in April 2007, conditional on Chinese company Zhong Xing Telecomm Equipment Corporation (ZTE) being appointed exclusive supplier and provider, with irregular terms for the Loan.

The Philippines fought back against its own leader, who was forced to finally suspended the NBN deal with China on September 22, 2007, in an effort to stop the controversy,

It was similarly with all other so called ‘Help’ given to many affected nations.

And of course, it was the Chinese worker, who was getting employment, not the local person, who had lost all, including their livelihood in the Tsunami.

No wonder, China never figured in Top of the prime aid donors in South Asia and the Pacific.

All this while, criticising and playing down rehabilitation efforts of other nations, including deployment of Indian forces to Tsunami hit regions.

China’s Dirty ‘Aid Chauvinism’ has no bounds Still

China Blocks Oxygen Concentrators Bound for India

Chinese state media says Xi told PM Modi in a personal message of condolence, that he was “very concerned about the recent situation” in India with the COVID-19 outbreak.

He said China is willing to provide additional support and assistance because “Mankind is a community of common destiny sharing weal and woe and only through unity and cooperation can the nations of the world ultimately overcome the pandemic.”

Why was the tone missing last year, when world grappled with China’s Virus’s onslaught, and China was merrily making forays into other country’s international Borders and maritime assets, bet it in South China Seas, Vietnam borders, Russian territories to the north and in Ladakh against India.

During COVID haplessness, no country got free aid from China, but some half-working, sub standard materials in lieu of more Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) deals.

And also, the world hopes Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s isn’t planning barbaric-subhuman spectacles like Galwan, in garb of COVID Aid!

Well, that is the level at which China visualizes to poise itself as a Global leader?

Well, what it has done so far, is to sabotage relief efforts towards India’s second COVID surge.

Mukesh Aghi, official of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum said, “Our objective is to source 1,00,000 oxygen concentrators, which is not enough for a large country such as India but at least that is a good start. Our issue is not financing. It is sourcing, logistics and distribution.”

While expressing woes and crediting them to China’s dastardly actions, Mukesh Aghi raised the issue of challenges being posed by China in sourcing and transporting the oxygen concentrators to India. They defeat efforts of mobilising resources for help to India.

He said, “Our challenge is logistics. We were sourcing most of these from China, which has stopped all cargo flights into India. One of our first consignment that landed in India had to be routed from Shanghai to Tokyo and then from Tokyo to Delhi.

We are moving most from Shanghai to Dubai, Shanghai to Bangkok which just adds to the timeline.”

When told that China themselves have been pledging help to India, he said, “One is action the other is words. Action is you stop the flights which is not helping, words is you deliver on them else it does not help. That is the difference.”


The US cant be believed! Well that is generally the frequent line in its defence by Xi Jinping and his CCP.

Multitudes of NGOs and even individual efforts of people like Sonu Sood are being thwarted by China.

Sonu Sood had to come to Twitter, when he ran out of options, despite approaching the Chinese Embassy. He accused China of blocking “lots of consignments” of oxygen concentrators to India that he had ordered.

Thanks to Twitter, and its global outreach,  the embarrassed Chinese Ambassador in New Delhi Sun Weidong responded saying China will do its best to help India in the fight against Covid-19.

Citing meaningless statistics, he pleaded “Noted your Twitter info Mr Sood. China will do its utmost to support India fighting Covid-19. To my knowledge, freight air routes from China to India are operating normally. The past two weeks have witnessed 61 freight flights from China to India in operation,” Sun Weidong said in a tweet.

Above is not only bullying tone, but also sardonic in its essence, parroting the vain tone of CCP and haughtiness of Xi Jinping himself towards the world, the manner in which they have conducted themselves since February 2020.

Of course, world reads between lines of CCP mouthpieces and of Xi Jinping. He wants the Quad off his back, and Inidan Navy out of the South China Seas. He shall also demand concessions towards securing its CPEC assets and foraging in the mineral rich landscape of Balochistan and Pashtun Areas. Maybe more.

And India doesn’t stand to flinch.

Political profiteering is nothing new to the CCP, they do it in their own country, they have been conducting themselves like a buccaneer, whenever a natural calamity befalls any country. They revel in other’s misery.

Yes, Xi Jinping’s ‘Aid Chauvinism’ doesn’t escapes anyone’s eyes.

However question shall always be, can China redeem itself, while the world is watching?

The Chinese feel so, but know deep in their hearts, their CCP and communist hedonists probably have a different agenda and tune to sway to, even when multitudes of lives are at stake.

Well it all makes sense. If common man Chinese’s life never mattered for CCP, why should an Indian life or any other country’s citizen’s life matter to them?

02 May 21/Sunday                                                                  Written by : Fayaz

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