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Xi Jinping: The Military Reformer of Modern India

As India moves from a Defensive Mind-set to Geo Strategic Impel Capability Emerging as the lynchpin of the Quad


Since Xi Jinping has donned the cape, for ensuring Grand dominance of the world by China, as a rightful accession of Chinese rule over the world. Similar to manner of Re-education of Uighurs pogrom by Xi Jinping, world shall be re-educated as per grandiose delusion of Xi Jinping.

Since his ascent, to the appointed to the nine-man Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China at the 17th Party Congress in October 2007, and thereafter as the Vice President, to many, he has been inconsistent and erratic. It kept getting more fitful and psychotically grandiose in such equal  and complimentary proportions, that it was hard to keep track of tangible outcomes, except chaos. Albeit to his credit,  he successfully removed all leadership opposed to him except his Princelings cronies, and ensured no challenge remained to him in the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), Hitler style.

Lying dormant since last 60 years to the south, was India, gradually arising from past half decades of social shaping, poignant upwards with the opening of  economy, towards being a true democracy in the region.

Through Centuries, India influenced the Silk Road and Khursan-Bactrian regions, while maintaining military dominance, and parallel maintenance of Trade and political relations between Iranian-Persian Empire, Middle East-Levant and Bactrian-Khursan Northern Eurasiansteppe.

India, in true traditions of existing peacefully and gracefully though fragmented, since 700BCE , had not been assertive in the region, except trade. After gaining independence from British, India got its fragmented house in order for the better part of the last 60 years since independence.

Anti-Legend of Xi Jinping: Extraordinarily Pitiful

Right out of DC Comics Studio

They come by the busloads to the rugged hills of Shaanxi Province, more than 2,000 political pilgrims a day, to trace the steps of Chinese President Xi Jinping through the dusty yellow soil where the seeds of his cult of personality now grow.

Xi arrived in Liangjiahe half a century ago from Beijing as a bewildered 15-year-old. Like other young city dwellers, he had been sent “down to the countryside” as Chinese leader Mao Zedong ordered at the time : in order to toughen his comfortable urban roots.

In tiny Liangjiahe village, 850 km southwest of Beijing, Communist Party officials obediently line up to hear legends of how Xi once waded barefoot into freezing water here to help locals clear ice dams (“It was a good sign that he could bear hardships!”). They come to see the cave where he slept, following the centuries-old living traditions in this part of China.

And they read the slogans representing life lessons the military tour guides say Xi learned, such as “struggle hard and be self-reliant” the same imperatives the party now preaches to 1.4 billion Chinese.

While Chinese dissenters debunk this above, and swear by his able and protected childhood, thanks to his high ranking communist Party member Father.

Nevertheless an Abrahamic like tale, absolutely superficially divine, however signs of  Xi Jinping’s twisted understanding and implementation of Geo Politics in the regions are hard to ignore.

The Chinese president sees himself as a saviour, anointed to lead the country into a “new era” of greatness propelled by rising prosperity and political devotion.

However his crass actions devoid of logic and goals, match his megalomaniac need to be revered, hence are more closer to fantasy, than reality.

A Dam on Bharamputra near Arunachal a concern that much?

Batting on Front Foot against a Short Sighted Dragon

Since usurping power in CCP, using his Princeling past of his father, Xi Jinping started baiting Africa, South America, Central Asia and South East Asia with a theoretical however a ‘well known but now irrelevant-unworkable’ concept called as Silk Road or One Belt One Road(OBOR).

Along with extending his country’s debt, on to third world countries in form of OBOR, he

Started pouring in money, along with getting dubious trade deals signed by these susceptible countries, by bribing their politicians.

In return, Xi Jinping bought silence on its territorial terrorism on all its neighbours, including Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam and India.

However this decade, Xi Jinping’s incoherent but knife-sharp antics also begin in the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean. This time on the Dragon bit more than it could chew. One after the other, the Dragon got many a bloody nose, in conflicts with a now emphatic India.

This debunked all the hubbub and racket, craftily created since the last 70 years of Chinese invincibility, around China encircling India, dual front wars and making Dams on the Brahmaputra to cut water and starve India.

For the last five years, India has been silently working on striking deep and well inside China. Be it Airborne capability to secure the periphery of Tibet, or Laying siege to China’s maritime assets(in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal) or to neutralize and cripple China’s functional infrastructure once the time comes to liberate PoK and Tibet.

India’s capital acquisitions for Defence has been unprecedented and focussed to derive stealth cutting edge capability against China. The defence spending is a clear indication on that. Military reforms of this order had been unprecedented.

Chinese fed (indeed fed and fattened by the dragon) media keeps creating sensational Chinese tales on how these Dams shall create devastation in Assam-Bangladesh plains, however, the point of India’s own river interlinking project, strategic Dam building and the very fact that China can control only 25% of waters of Brahmaputra river,  is craftily omitted.

After all, this is how fake narratives are created.

Just like the narrative in the past year, of how India is on the back foot in Ladakh. Fact and outcome: scamper back of Chinese troops do tell us the reality, which has always been otherwise.


Quad and Otherwise

The world is aware of China’s incapability of being a true state, let alone a world power, given its role in COVID-19. The irresponsible-erratic-megalomaniac behaviour that the world witnessed since last year is not a reflection of China, but the worst scenario the CCP can subject China and the world to, if an incorrigible like Xi Jinping holds all power and decide to wield it most ludicrously.

Quad has been by a good five years, laggard, and it had to be the quintessential assertiveness of the Quad, along with Taiwan, that the latter has not been invaded by China: as promised by Xi Jinping when he usurped all power in 2018(to annexe Taiwan by 2020).

While the multitudes of Maoist fallacies, spread by China since the 1960s, of China’s power against India’s supposed lack of fight, still continue to proliferate using the China influenced/paid ecosystem India.

The fact remains that China is very vulnerable against India. If India decides to apply deep strike capability inside China, the day is not far, when India shall be isolating PoK, encircling Tibet and crippling China’s jugular veins: the Chinese Water Works.



•Target for Indian Armed Forces to Disrupt China’s Water Supply in event of a conflict

And now there are no holds barred, as Indian security structure shall achieve capabilities in all respects, for the endpoint to look for a gap, and cut a gaping hole in China. Quad and Russia shall follow, to get the Chinese CCP’s belligerence out of milieu, once for all.

Till that time, China shall keep publishing fake reports of having leverage over India, through its Pakistan Army’s terror network, strewed around and indefensible Naval Bases in the Indian Ocean and the River-Damming security fallacy.

While India and Quad work silently, purposefully to dismantle the chaos China has subjected itself and the world to, since the last 80 years.

And thanks to Xi Jinping’s frivolities all along the Himalayas, and belligerence otherwise, India has decided to up the game. After all, this behaviour of China propels India, to achieve Military Capability beyond what India deemed necessary earlier.

Thank to you Mr Xi Jinping, for once, you are somehow closing into Mao Zedong. The latter’s 1962 backstab propelled India to acquire regional strength to defend itself, while  Xi’s antics are propelling India to take charge of acquiring capabilities, of ensuring the world is devoid of the menace of CCP, once for all.

12 Mar 21/Friday                                                                                   Written by: Fayaz

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