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Tibet Demography Alteration Bid by the Dragon

Data Centre Smokescreen

Based out of the capital city of Lhasa, the 645,000-square-meter Data Centre is being developed by Ningsuan Technologies, a Chinese Sate Bankrolled firm, and first started construction in 2017. The facility is scheduled to finish by 2025 -26.

Cheered by Chinese president as a bridge to South Asian countries,  as trade and investment between China and other BRI countries is given a blushing rosy look, for furthering the Debt Trap.

Why the same was alternatively not planned for BRIs of Pakistan, Nepal, Mayanmar, Afghanistan or Kyrgyzstan, or the obvious geographical contender,-Sri Lanka?

The Frozen plateau of Tibet needs a Data Centre? rather than sustainable, and locals benefitting trade and infrastructure push.

Without technological base, is it a matter of cheer for the Tibetans? Are they going to occupy the sparkling infrastructure or professionals from Han China shall be asked to settle there, with revenues going to go to a private pocket, ultimately to the corrupt coffers of CPC?

Sinification of Buddhism

Destruction of religion and Culture Intended: Just like in Nepal

On Communist Party of China’s directions, UCPN (Maoist) have been speaking out against religious festivals of Nepal. Communist party members routinely engage in denouncing cultural traditions such as deusi and bhailo that actually extend the reach of the Hindu cultural hegemons in Nepal.

They insist that the cultural revolution lags behind Maoist political revolution.

According to a UCPN (Maoists) party official, UCPN feels financial burden for most people: “No one who is concerned for the welfare of the people will insist that everyone should celebrate Dasain”.

Similar is the planning for Tibetans.

For China, showcasing smiling Tibetans, singing the Communist Party’s praises, helps affirm its legitimacy to rule the region, something that’s weighed on Beijing’s ties with the West since a failed uprising in 1959 forced the Dalai Lama to flee and set up a government-in-exile in India.

It’s become more important recently as politicians in the U.S., Europe and India accuse China of using forced labor, detentions and re-education campaigns to assimilate ethnic minorities in Tibet and East Turkestan(Xin Jiang).

Tibetan arm-twisted poster boys of Xi Jinping sing Xi-Tunes in similar Beijing pitch: and go gaga to foreign journalists on a government-sponsored tour, how much the Communist Party has improved life and how irrelevant religion has become for him.

On Dalai Lama : “I never met him and I don’t understand him.”

And Buddhism, the religion that has for thousands of years, been the foundation of Tibetan culture? “I spend most of my time and energy now on work and making a living,” he said. “There’s less time to spend on religion.”

China’s Need to Obliterate a Nation’s Pride First

“Divide and Rule”

At a meeting on Tibet issues in August this year , Xi told officials to “actively force Tibetan Buddhism to adapt to socialist society, and promote the Sinofication of Tibetan Buddhism.”

In Tibet, ethnic Tibetans comprise about 90% of the 3.5 million people and whose language bears no relation to Chinese, most are Buddhists, and consider the Dalai Lama their spiritual head and their political leader.

There are recurrent re-education falsities levied against Busshists-Dalai Lama, as are the falsities levied against Nepal’s culture and traditions, terming them as being against people.

Is it the same vicious argument, that Left Politics have been generating agenda against India’s culture and traditions: sometimes pitching Muslims against Hindus, or Dalits against upper classes or North Indians against South Indians and more lately Nationalists against Leftists.

Of course, a divided society is easy to fracture, if the ultimate goal is to get the many smaller Indian states into Chinese dominion(“Bharat tere tukde honge” is less symbolic, and more factual essence of Chinese Maoist interference of China, in India).

As well as Pakistan, Tibet, East Turkestan-Uyghur lands, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal under its direct dominion.

Ready for Colonization and abuse of manpower and resources, in garb of some Money? East India Company did it in India, why can’t Xi and his state-owned business front ends do it now.


A data center in Tibet, is as preposterous a welfare measure, as growing a kitchen garden for a Domesticated Wildcat.

Like in CPEC and BRI’s of Pakistan, China, and elsewhere, technology is not transferred to the native population, the same is given job and sourced from Main Land China. It implies all technical man resource is China’s own, while the natives are shown a pipe dream of a rich future.

This way only colonization happens, and that is what exactly the smokescreen China is creating, to arrest the secessionist call in Tibet for the time being, while it creates a demographic tilt for Han Chinese’s physical occupation of key regions in Tibet.

First is to replace the cultural cohesion and identity, with dream of money and lifestyle.

When the smokescreen is lifted, China shall all guns blazing, decimating any organized resistance, as by that time, notion of a Cultural and ethnic Tibet, Pakistan or Nepal shall cease to exist.

What China wants to hide, is the fact that development only coexists with Cultural and ethnic identity of a people, while colonization essentially needs national and cultural identity divided and out of the way.

01 Nov 20/Sunday                                                                                        Written By: Fayaz

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