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Imran Khan is proving that Pakistan’s state policy is to lie and Balochistan doesn’t exist

PM Imran Khan is concerned about Kashmir and Palestine but can't see atrocities against Baloch and Pashtuns in Pakistan.


It almost felt like Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was stating the national policy of his country when he said at the start of his United Nations General Assembly speech that “non-use of or threat of unilateral force, self-determination of peoples, the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States, non-interference in their internal affairs, internal affairs, international cooperations — all these ideas are being systematically eroded”.

Ironically, he was complaining about “the foundations of ‘world order’” being changed. It must be the state policy of Pakistan to lie.

He showed ‘grave concern’ for Kashmir and Palestine while staying silent on the atrocities against Baloch and Pashtuns in Pakistan. He raged against India for the “killings of muslims with impunity” without providing a shred of evidence, even as he pushed under the carpet the systematic genocide of Baloch people by his own army, which he had publicly spoken about and ‘exposed’ before becoming the prime minister with the blessing of the mighty Pakistan Army.

Imran Khan admitted on many occasions that the Pakistan Army was bombing villages populated with women and children in Balochistan as it did in Bangladesh. This makes one think whether lying through the teeth is the state policy of Pakistan, which has led to the public believing in those lies and living in a world far away from reality.

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This is the reason that you can find Pakistanis giving expert opinion on Kashmir, Palestine and Afghanistan while remaining completely oblivious about the happenings in their country and especially about crimes of their own army.
04 Oct 20/Sunday                                                                                         Source:  ThePrint
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