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Narrative War on Indian Subcontinent

Jaichand Lobby of the Modern Day

While Indian Armed Forces stare back at the Dragon in Ladakh faceoff, there are factions in Indian elite diaspora, media, and social media landscape, who have been ostensibly pointing out how futile and a lost cause that it is.

Whereas the statistics point to the fact, that since 2015, India has trebled the speed of infrastructure, to access the LAC and all along the India China border. Chinese feel threatened in many ways by India’s infrastructure build-up.

Even if we are behind in quality or reach in some areas, what we have is sufficient for us to gain access to the LAC, all our patrolling points, much more easily than we used to before.

Such as a narrative have been cementing its place for last one century, to suit a group of rulers, to ensure a sense of inferiority, cultivate the need for subjugated security, and blind faith on suppression.


Subverting National Security with shameless Political Mudsling Fest

One such example is above social media narrative by a known social media influencer, wherein he actually goes on to lament “Indian Assertiveness”, to activate fear psychosis in a bid to ensure, Indians go against a particular political party. Though with a lame logic, however, does he fails to realize, how he is cementing the “incapable to stand for sovereignty”  narrative, that has been fed to Indians since the last 73 years.

It is likely that this is the exact intent of this tweet, to further that very lobby, which had since last eight decades, played up the fear psychosis of Indian inability to be sovereign.

We shall discuss and debunk the various narratives, where Indians have been “played up”, to underachieve our potential, in the international geopolitics and Economic fronts.

Chinese Sumptuous Culture Narrative

It is been widely circulated, by Maoist-CCP communist-backed propaganda mechanisms, that  Chinese is an ancient civilization, having a rich and advanced culture. It is made to sound to all else, in the region especially Indian pre-Vedic, Indus Valley Civilization, and Vedic period, that they lacked depth in terms of culture and societal sophistication.

It cannot be further away from the truth.

Indus Valley civilization flourished from 3800 BC-2500 BC, with metal technologies of bronze, Copper-Zinc, and alloys, with some of them, around a thousand years later owing to migratory populations, moving to Chinese basin. Only in 1800 BCE, knowledge of bronze casting had entered the Yellow River Valley after collapse of Indus Valley Civilization, along with ideas of social justice and living, which was propagated by Confucius.

 That time Chinese basin had simple-minded agricultural populations, contrary to the systematic city living with drainage, markets, and flourishing trading centers of Indus valley civilizations.

While the Vedic period after that, boasted of a refined system of architecture, administration, and governance, Yellow river basin had simple agriculture communities. Compared to refined system of social equality, Chinese emperor’s authoritarian rule had Confucianism replaced with barbaric rules of Legalism, viz to obey and worship rulers without question.

Many now say Legalism never left China thereafter and is still the basis of Chinese Communist Party(CCP), similarly to subjugate normal citizens, while the elite nobility are rich and living a royal lifestyle.





By this time of 200BC, mosts, other than lords and nobility(present-day CCP) lived as peasants, farming small plots of land or as slaves. This land was controlled by lords to whom the terrorised peasants contributed the most share of the crops they grew.

Compared to multitudes of cities and provinces in that era of the Gupta Empire, China just had 12 cities with a population of 50,000 only. Rest were all farming conclaves, under strict control of nobles, with various barbaric rules like gouging eyes of someone who spilled secrets of Silk Farming.

It is to note that, China neither boasts of any notable form of history, or of arts, or of culture, science, administration, or substantial discoveries. Lack of refinement and culture is presented in the fact that Chinese dialect has evolved from stone age scripts and remained at that, composed of nothing but monosyllables and is not part of a refined language progression like Eurasian steppes language Sanskrit or Latin.

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai

Thousands of Years of Peaceful Coexistence and love for India

After the advent of the dynastic rule of emperors and enforcing of Legalism as a form of subjugative governance, China looked South. It had a long and savage history of conquest of dwellers right up till  Vietnam and Myanmar.

Then from where the context of coexisting Chinese civilization has come to fore? Definitely Maoist/CCP propaganda of grandiose.

Chinese emperors always have had expansionist tendencies and they occupied Vietnam and Laos for many centuries and tried unsuccessfully to make forays into Myanmar and the Hindu South Eastern Kingdoms, from the East.

They could not forage further, because of the simple fact that the Indian Subcontinent were strong Indian Rulers. Cholas consolidated their Army and Navy to help Myanmar rulers fight off Chinese and resist their intrusion in South East Asia.

Dragon was never known to be satiated. Chinese Dragon was kept in leash by the strong Indian Kingdoms, who kept Chinese Naval and military intervention in today’s Malaysia, and Cambodia curtailed.

Hoax was created about superiority and subsequent bigheartedness of Chinese, in a condescending tone, as if sparing the Indians and keeping good relations. They didn’t come to this side, as they were never allowed to, by the strong rulers of Indian Peninsular.

Contrary to theories of peaceful co-existence of Indians and Chinese Monarchy, why is the Indian subcontinent people (India, Pakistan, Baluchistan, Afghanistan) referred to as “Black Devil” by the CCP.

Indian King Kanishka, was the killer of the Silk Road, of Kushan dynasty,

occupied and hijacked the Silk Road and trade of China, forcing Chinese emperor to pay enormous tribute and taxes. Despite Chinese emperor making use of Mongolian tribes and other paid fighters, nothing could dislodge Kanishka’s ownership of the region.

King Kanishka Dynasty Silk Route Coins

This is thus still is kept in hearts and minds of Imperial Chinese global dominance fantasy, which now has been transferred along with Legalism form of governance, to CCP.

Kushan Dynasty’s Ownership of the Silk Road taxing the Chinese Traders

Infallibility of the Hindukush

The reason why India was not invaded before 12th Century AD?

It is taught, that India was never invaded from North West, since the HinduKush was unsurpassable.

An abhorrent lie.

Since before Alexander, many tried and failed. India had a flourishing trade with Asia Major (present-day Kyrgistan, Khazakstan and East Turkestan(Xin Jiang) and later China, for five thousand years.

Also, Arabs occupied Sindh during the establishment of the Abbasside Caliphate in the 8th century, but couldn’t dare to come eastwards to Gujrat.

The Turkic tribes had kept attacking Central Asia and the Levant since last 2000 years. Why they couldn’t dare to come to the Indian subcontinent, till late 12 Century(only when they found smaller divided, constantly quarreling kingdoms).

Because Indian Kingdoms were far too strong militarily, for any of them.


While the Indian subcontinent is 5000-year-old civilization and culture, only one to survive the brutal onslaught of all that can blow its way, of Islamic invasions and of the Turks in last 700 years, it was a flourishing, extremely stable and strong Centre of prosperity. There was a system of governance, trade, self-sufficiency, and equal rights to people.

Indian peninsular had relations with almost all civilizations of the world including Mesopotamian, Egyptian, the Eurasian steppes, Persian Empire next door of Iran. With the advent of Buddhism, Indian peninsular provided stability to Asia Major with a stable Indo Bactrian period of 1500 years.

India, opened up the western access, with the advent of Buddhism

Economist and member of NitiAayogBibekDebroy had described, how renowned Columbia University trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati was forced out of Delhi School of Economics in the 1950s. As Sanyalexplains, “The Left domination over the intellectual establishment has its roots in the systematic ‘ethnic cleansing’ of all non-Left thinkers since 1950. The result of the systematic cleansing was that there were no non-Left academics remaining in the social sciences field in India by the early 1990s.”

Communists from China have been providing probing for space since 1951 and seeing opportunity in 1967, under shadows of conflict of Nathu La, fully began supply of funds and arms. Subsequently, they set up intricate relations.

Chinese overt support to the Naxalbari uprising in 1967, wherein Radio Beijing had hailed (December 1968) the formation of the communist faction by Charu Mazumdar as the “Front paw of the revolutionary armed struggle launched by the Indian People under the guidance of Mao Zedong thought”, had suspicion soaring.

Despite overwhelming evidence – False Propaganda to incite fear-mongering and  showcase Indian Armed Forces as inferior

Using clandestine funding, the Left was propped by Chinese CCP, to persist with an agenda to undermine India’s faith in its legacy. Groundwork was being laid, by systematic brainwash of intellectual diaspora of India, to believe the so-called “unevolved culture” dialogue.

This “created context” of India looking up to China’s false claim of an Ideological and cultural beacon of light, is as hollow as the Chinese CCP perception of whole world being inferior and in dire need of Chinese system of working.

On the contrary, the listless CCP communist Chinese administrative think tank, has lowest measure of how a country has to be made prosperous. CCP’s maniacal answer to being a world leader economically,

is to shove their own population into slavery, for stolen technology-based Sweat Shops, thus devour world industry with non compete price points, indulge in mischievous Debt Trap (by bribing susceptible governments) and then encroaching on their sovereignty- thus hoping for a neo-colonist Chinese economic powerhouse.



CCP ruled China wants to implement the two-thousand-year-old barbaric, suppressive legacy of Confucian authoritarianism and Legalism, and, as it becomes more powerful, the reassertion of the age-old sense of superiority and a return to tributary-style relationships with neighborhood nations(who are deliberately weakened).

This sort of commentary of CCP, is demeaning to Chinese people, turning them into passive victims of their history forever condemned to repeat it.


This CCP created hoax, had fooled only the Indian Leftists and not the Chinese citizens, who have been fighting off this colonial menace of CCP in the mainland( Tiananmen Square decade), Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. In India now, the left diaspora is now being fought by a self-introspecting-realizing Indian citizen, to have faith in the strength and capability of our 5000-year-old Indian Peninsular civilization. Facts are being questioned and false narratives being debunked.

This trend shall continue, until and up till, India establishes itself as the harbinger of peace and stability in the region and the Indian Ocean. India is on the right course, to achieve that.

30 June 20/Tuesday                                                          Written By: Fayaz

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