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ISI The Messiah To Rescue

Pakistan Army Seeks Return Of Their Celebrity: The Kabul Gurdwara Mastermind

Pakistan, may have had the potential to be the land of the pure when it was sliced out of the subcontinent in 1947. The Military regime has, especially in the last decade ensured; it is engaged as the land of pure cacophony and pure terrorism, a distinction it seems to have gleefully thought, as being world’s envy.

On April 4, Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), announced that they had arrested Islamic State Khorasan Province(ISKP) leader, Aslam Farooqi, whose real name is Abdullah Orakzai, in Kandahar province, along with 19 key terrorists of ISKP.

He was the mastermind of suicide attack against Gurdwara in Kabul, which killed at least 25 Sikhs, and recently claimed responsibly for an early morning rocket attack at the U.S. Airforce’s Bagram airfield, north of the Afghan capital. Latter, sure of and hence carrying no casualties, is being regarded as a foil to criticism of Pakistan having an intricate relationship with ISKP and conspiring to mobilise its activities and cadres to Kashmir, using Pakistan Army’s relationship with Haqqani network and the Lashkar e Tayeba(LeT). Farooqi replaced Mawlawi Zia-ul-Haq aka Abu Omar Khorasani as the ISKP chief in April 2019.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry reportedly summoned the Afghanistan ambassador “It was underscored to the ambassador that since Aslam Farooqi was involved in anti-Pakistan activities in Afghanistan, he should be handed over to Pakistan for further investigations,” the ministry said.

Pakistan Army at its Old Game Again

Above is as unbelievable, as Pakistan’s repeated pledge to not foster terrorist groups and activities on its soil anymore. This is while being accused of releasing ISKP leader Ehsanullah Ehsan, after staging an escape from Pak Army’s so-called jail, that was, in fact, a guest house for the last three years.

Escape of Ehsanullah has an inside job written all over it. Given the manner in which ISKP has come to folds of Pakistan army over the last eighteen months, the coordination of ISKP activities found to be in agreement with tactical requirements of the Pakistan Army comes as no surprise.

Attack on Kabul Gurdwara, is a message to India to back off from Afghanistan, while using it as a catalyst, to rally terrorists to Kashmir, using Haqqani-LeT-ISKP schmoozing. This gives a clear indication of how Pakistan wants to play the excess of Terrorists in the region, once the US withdraws from region, and its Taliban puppet government takes charge in Afghanistan.

This was precisely the reason Ehsanullah Ehsan was allowed to escape? Is this the reason Pakistan Army is hastily harrying the Afghani Government to hand over Aslam Farooqi, to safeguard the secrets of its dirty game, at expense of Afghanis and peace of region?

The NDS had earlier said that Farooqi has been associated with LeT and the Haqqani network. Last three years, Pakistan Army and the ISI have used the apprehended key terrorist leadership, to indoctrinate their cadres to work under the umbrella of Pakistan. There have been reports of a concerted indoctrination, to export the ISIS theme not only to India but to the whole of southeast Asia.


The Fire that consumes own house

This control is reminiscence of the manner in which Erdogan’s Turkey had links with the ISIS in Syria. Turkey used the fallible excuse of its illicit associations with ISIS, as bid to secure its borders in national interests. All this Turkey did, while conveniently discarding accusations of funding the ISIS by buying cheap Oil from Iraqi and Syrian Oil fields and using the same to obliterate anti-Turkey factions in the Levant, primarily President of Syria, Asad while also including the feisty however oppressed Kurds.

It’s a known fact how Erdogan has got his game wrong, and his grand dream in the region has turned turtle. While Erdogan is now isolated on all sides, sharply at odds with other major players in the Syrian crisis, Russian President Putin is intent on teaching him a lesson. Putin’s price for letting Erdogan off the hook is Turkish withdrawal from Idlib but also from the other Turkish occupied Syrian territory west of the Euphrates including from the Kurdish dominated northeast region that he controversially invaded last autumn. Though Erdogan is being allowed this in phased manner, as a face saver, reality of the decade long Turkish tryst with ISIS and radical Islam, bears little fruit.


Pakistan, since the last three decades has been the largest exporters of Radical Islam and its driven Terrorist network. Right from radicalization, to setting up terrorist camps and training, gives it a false sense of impunity and success.

While Erdogan gets a lesson very early in the region, on pitfalls of harbouring and fostering terrorists, Pakistan always found a green light at every bent, thanks to geopolitical eventualities every other decade.

Pakistan knows the only manner to have relevance and show of power in the region, using radical Islam and related terrorist groups. It has fostered ISKP as its own hound, realising little, this game can have the feral turning on its own masters.

Pakistan also feels, given that CPEC has not taken off at all, it can browbeat China, using its hold over ISKP to keep Xinxiang province in order and keep South East Asia also under its influence. This is very much like Erdogan’s illusory hold over the Levant region. While Erdogan got his lesson fairly cheap, this shall not be the case for Pakistan.

Afghanistan insurgency saw Pakistani society turning into a land of Mullahs and Kalashnikovs. Later its terrorism in Kashmir turned Pakistan into a land consumed by sectarian violence and radical Islam, with terrorists available on hire. This resulted in Talibanization of  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the Afghanistan war Post year 2000.

Now the Pakistani state stand at the juncture, where harbouring ISIS theme of Islam in Pakistan, in hope to turn them to Kashmir as well as using it as an object of influence in South East Asia, shall only result in collapse of Pakistan as an entity. Afghanistan shall fight on, to not let itself be drawn in the quagmire that Pakistan is led itself into, in consonance with Pakistan Army’s seemingly eternal soul of being its own Thanatos.

14 Apr 20/Tuesday                                                                                          Written By: Fayaz

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