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India Safeguards Its Space Assets

Technology has been crucial in the general development of any nation & is deeply rooted to the society. Thus the importance of technological dominance on space matters in ensuring military security and even superiority became an inevitable requirement for India.

 India’s U-Turn from non-militarization of Space

Though India traditionally emphasized non-militarization of space, the military uses of space was not entirely absent. The use of space technology for national development has been part of Indian policy, driven by a deep-seated sense of the importance of exploiting space for national development.

This emphasis on space technology for both development and security has continued but become more pronounced over the last few years. The rising demand and declining cost for high-quality space-based services have increased the number of systems in space and the number of countries or multinational organizations that can access space capabilities.

The number of foreign reconnaissance and remote sensing satellites have increased by many folds. Foreign satellite communications, navigation, and launch services are increasingly available. Adversaries are aware of the advantages space services provide and actively seek capabilities to deny them. After India’s successful ASAT test, it is now second to none in the application of advanced technologies and will be a forerunner for securing rising space security threat.

Anti-satellite capabilities enable to characterize and target space systems. Multiple attack options (e.g., cyber, electronic, or directed-energy weapons; anti-satellite missiles; or space-based weapons) enable to achieve a range of damaging effects on adversaries. India’s ASAT test has definitely upped the ante and once again put it high on a strategic high ground.


India has reiterated its commitment to the philosophy of using space for peaceful purposes. However, it appears that technology demonstration became an important consideration for India to conduct today’s ASAT test. A clear show of combat superiority to its rivals who are forever in a denial mode! This may be an emerging capability; it may be a limited one, but it is also now an actual and one with distinct diplomatic and political implications. India has been a responsible space power and India’s capabilities in this domain – to safeguard its space assets will now be acknowledged as one among the best.

27 Mar 2019/ Wednesday                                  Written By Afsana

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