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Is Chinese influence on Pakistan elections limited to CPEC?

Without a doubt, political parties in Pakistan are cashing on CPEC for the big day – July 25, and since CPEC is one of the most popular public policy developments in Pakistan it is saleable. PML-N, in particular, highlighting CPEC on its campaign trail as a success story is understandable.

However, what is impressive is that China which over the years “most definitely” has a background influence in “the matters” – of Pakistan’s defense & economy is unobtrusively playing its cards.

It may not be wrong to say that the upcoming political developments in Pakistan and particularly in Balochistan will not only be “closely watched” by the Chinese but could also be “influenced by the Chinese” – to set course for Chinese investments and dividends.

China influencing Pakistan elections

Few sections in Pakistan do echo heightened concerns of rapid & unchecked Chinese influence in their country. But the deep state –  ghost caretaker, doesn’t seem to be perturbed in this regard. Instead its milking big brother in the best possible way to its advantage.

Someone had rightly said – If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem. That’s exactly China’s dilemma.

For China, a pro-Chinese government is a must especially when billions have been stashed in Pakistan infrastructure & development -Chinese ambitious OBOR project. It is foolish to think that China is only closely watching and sitting that CPEC would turn the tide in its favour.

When it comes to China and Pakistan there is always more than what meets the eye. Yes, the battleground is set in favour of the Chinese of course in conjunction with the deep state.

The three PML-N, PPP and PTI are merely contesting for a ceremonial Prime Ministership which no matter how hard they deny is a fact now known within and outside Pakistan.

For the Chinese, its economy first, but when it comes to Pakistan there is more which is at stake. India – needs to be kept in check, and who else can be a better proxy for China than Pakistan. A government which rants the Kashmir narrative, an Army which heavily depends on it for procurement & research and a economy leaning on CPEC – China has nothing to worry.

It will do whatever to keep the above 3’s in place and it is!

How? Is well understood, elections are a dirty game – power play through money.

Diamer or No Chinese Diamer but definitely a Chinese diameter exists in Pakistan’s topography. Who draws this Chinese circumference and who is eating the pie,  Do I need to say more?

(Circumference = pie * Diameter)

Acting coy? Not really!

13 December 2018/Thursday                                                                        Written by Afsana 



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