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In Remembrance of Shaheed Shahmir Marri

Baloch nation’s history is fully brutalized by the occupying forces of Pakistan. From Zahidan to Quetta every village has witnessed inhuman cruelty at the hands of the occupying Pakistani army.long march

From daily humiliation of ordinary Baloch people at the check posts built throughout Balochistan and harassment of journalists and academies to kidnapping, torture, hanging and target killing of Baloch political workers and their leaders. They have witnessed everything which is considered as gross human rights violation in a humane society.balochistan army

Pakistan army has been conducting ethnic cleansing drills in Balochistan. They abduct men for torture and conduct public executions.mass grave

Baloch women are rounded up and sent to camps to be sexually harassed and exploited by Pakistan Army personnel.

When the occupying forces suffer heavy losses by the hand of Baloch freedom fighters these cowards use their aerial air force via gunship helicopters and fighter jets to take their revenge. 22nd August 2007 was one such day when the Pakistani air force bombed Hasapur, a village in Marri area. Defending the motherland Shahmir Marri known to his friends as Munshi sacrificed his life and became a martyr of a Baloch nation.

Baloch nation’s struggle of independence under the fearless leadership will continue till victory. Pakistan Army will be driven back soon. Balochistan will emerge from the ashes of the martyrs and will grow strong with its friends in Afghanistan and India.

24Aug 2018/Friday                                                                Written by Mohd Tahir Shafi 

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