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Islamabad: Pakistan’s civilian government has been under the lens for its activities against its neighbors. The civilian government has been under pressure from its military which is using the civilian regime as a puppet for completing its own selfish tasks. Be it CPEC or relations with India the military pulls the final straw. These tendencies of being a Self-Harming Nation have not taken too far but Pakistan is already in a quagmire of debt and having a bad reputation in various world forums. Indians have been keeping quiet for the past five decades but now they are taking Pakistan propaganda by its horns. Pakistan on the otherhand is proving to be a Self-Harming Nation.

Afghan accuses Pakistan a Self-Harming Nation

The Afghan government on 05 April 2018 accused Pakistan of air strikes in the Afghan province of Kunar, on Afghan – Pakistan, causing “huge financial damage”. This accusation comes ahead of a scheduled visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to Kabul on 06 April 2018. During the visit, he and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are expected to discuss cooperation in stopping militant attacks. PAF jets dropped four bombs in evening of 04 April 2018 in Kunar’s Dangam district, according to a statement from Afghanistan’s ministry of foreign affairs. It did not elaborate on the damage and made no mention of any casualties. “Afghanistan warns that continuing violations of international norms … will have further consequences on the relations between the two countries,” the ministry said. Pakistan as a self-harming nation has gone into a neighboring country by violating its airspace and now if India does the same can it defend its stand?

Self-Harming Nation meddling inside Indian affairs

Punjab Police’s Counterintelligence Wing on 05 April 2018 claimed to have arrested Sikh youth Inderjit Singh alias Rinku From Mohali. He is allegedly trained by Pakistan’s ISI in making improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He is a native of Faridabad and is an engineering graduate with an MBA degree. Explosive materials, including advanced electronic remote controls, chemicals, and light remote controls, were seized from his car (HR 01 AR 5972). The state counter-intelligence wing had earlier this week (on 02 April 2018) arrested four youths from Gunachur village in Banga sub-division of Nawanshahr district. They were also allegedly trained by Pakistan’s ISI. The arrested youth were allegedly planning to highlight the Khalistan issue in IPL matches to be held in Mohali. It has come to light that ISI has been in touch with these individuals through Facebook. Such un-Islamic activities bringing disrepute to followers Islam and endangering their life is haram. Then how is ISI conducting such operations being from a country following sharia?

Extortion to fund Terrorists

On February 28, Anti Violent and Crime Cell (AVCC) conducted a raid on an empty house located in the outskirt of Karachi. The raid was conducted in the Mangopir locality, one of the areas dominated by Taliban and other militant groups. AVCC police raided with the assistance of Secret Security Agency and recovered a skeleton of a man from the basement house. Sources revealed that the raid had been conducted when two arrested militants unveiled the location of the house where they dumped the victims for ransom. The skeleton of the man sent to the laboratory for DNA and matched the details with the families of unsolved cases of abducted victims of kidnapping for ransom.

Militant groups remain engaged in terror financing using country’s commercial hub Karachi to generate funds through robberies, extortion, and kidnapping for ransom, our freelance reporter learned. In which progressive countries such brutal acts by terror outfits go unpunished except in a self-harming nation like Pakistan. Similarly, Sindh Ranger troops have recently arrested two suspected militants affiliated with the banned militant outfit – Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in a targeted raid conducted in Kharadar area. This shows that the government of Pakistan is not understanding the terrorist groups at all. It is going into a quagmire of un-Islamic ways and fast dropping into a Self-Harming Nation.

Jamaat- e-Islami (JI) Offensive against India

Self-Harming Nation-111

Jamaat- e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq on 05 April 2018 called for a serious planning and budgetary allocation to launch a vigorous diplomatic campaign to highlight Indian brutalities in held Kashmir. He is forgetting how on the same day another Kashmiri Manzoor Ahmad Bhat was brutally beheaded by followers of Jamaat. We are not posting the images received from our journalist as their brutality is not fit for publication.

Talking to the media after addressing a religious event at the Mansoora mosque here, the JI leader said that Pakistan should launch a diplomatic offensive against India as occupied Kashmir could not be liberated through talks. Siraj said if New Delhi does not grant Kashmiris the right to self-determination, it would have to face dozens of revolts within the country. He said that India would break up because of more than 70 freedom movements going on in India. He actually seems to have not read the clauses under which a self-determination can be held. Pakistan side has already changed the demography of Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir whereas India has tried to maintain status-quo by giving it special status. If Pakistani citizens keep giving such inflammatory statements about a state like India where Muslims are not oppressed like in Pakistan itself then it would bring disrepute to Islam. This is a trait of Self-Harming Nation.

Self-Harming Nation jumping on to Salman Khan

Self-Harming Nation -112

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was convicted of breaking law in his country. Why should Pakistan be bothered about it? Indian courts have been supportive of all minorities even when a government of India wanted to enact a law supreme court of India came to rescue of the minorities many times unlike in Pakistan. In 1999, while shooting for a film in Rajasthan, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, was involved in a poaching incident concerning blackbucks. He and a few other film actors went out hunting and ended up killing two blackbucks and several Chinkaras.

Self-Harming Nation -113

It is already extinct in Bangladesh and Indians went on to protect it. While punishing Salman Khan the court remarked that he is a habitual offender. Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif came out with a rather uncanny rationale behind Salman Khan’s conviction by attributing his fate to his religion. He said that ‘Khan was sentenced because he is a minority‘. If such things can happen in a Self-Harming Nation like Pakistan, not in a country like India. India has many examples where it punished criminals without gauging their religion or class or status. It’s a lesson we in Pakistan should learn if we do not want to be a Self-Harming Nation where minorities (like Hazaras even though Muslims) are targeted by the majority.

Point to Ponder

Pakistan is going for the general election and we have to decide whom do we want to bring to power. Un-Islamic leaders or Islamic. People have to decide and think. The Islamic clergy is known to be corrupt for power in every country. The army is busy making money from corrupt practices and retaining power over the government. People of Pakistan will suffer only due to their bad choices that they will make in the coming general elections.

06 Apr 18/Friday.

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