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Only 15 to 20 people showed up at Bahadur´s funeral to pray in front of the coffin draped with an Afghan flag and a photo of the dead man stuck to one side. Bahadur Agha, 31-year-old bomb disposal technician wounded six times by the Taliban, joked the seventh would be his last. He was right: after dismantling hundreds of IEDs barehanded, this Afghan hero died defusing one final device. Four decades of war have left Afghanistan as one of the most mined countries in the world. Figures from the United Nations show that IEDs killed more than 600 civilians across Afghanistan last year.

Relatives and colleagues described a patriotic, skilled man driven by grief and rage over the death of family members, including his mother, at the hands of the Taliban. In the VICE documentary, he said that “my family is finished, everything is finished”.”Maybe I die, no problem”.

Despite his sacrifice, Bahadur´s untimely death has gone largely unnoticed in the war-torn country that has been numbed by the relentless and bloody violence. Thousands of troops and police have been killed or wounded in the grinding conflict, but official figures on the number of casualties among security forces are no longer made public.


This hurts, lives are lost, young men all across – be it an Afghan, Kashmiri, Baluch or people of POK they are all fighting hard to protect their very existence. Hundreds are laying their lives – few uniformed, few self-styled saviors. What is common is the courage to fight the wrong as perceived by each one of them. If only the ‘vixens’ (deep state-sponsored terrorism)  stopped playing foul could these young brave lives be saved from an untimely death –  leaving behind a widow, a fatherless child, and a blood-soaked state.

A Kashmiri is facing the same odds, he dies and is soon forgotten. He’s threatened of his existence, is misled in the name of religion and is forced to pick up arms. But who cares? State-sponsored terrorism has got natives fighting each other and blood-soaked territories. If only all such brave men unite to fight the perpetrators and wipe them away, only then can we hope for ‘Aman’ – Peace and Harmony. One may call it wishful thinking but this (Peace-Harmony) is what all these martyrs have been sacrificing their precious lives for, not knowing that they have been duped by people whose conscience is dead.


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