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Kashmir people to choose: India/Pakistan or KASHMIRIYAT

Kashmir People
Kashmir people for Kashmiriyat

Kashmir people once again witness signs of thaw as the release and return of elderly prisoners, women and those with special needs is agreed upon by India & Pakistan, including the visits of medical experts to meet and examine the mentally challenged prisoners for their repatriation. This development came almost two months after the National Security Advisors of the two countries met in Bangkok last year without any media fanfare.

Not much is known of the covert meeting but most certainly the aim is to arrest the downslide in the relations and make a way forward for peaceful dialogue process. India most definitely wants peace to return to Kashmir and in this context, the role of Pakistan is to be watched because without support from Pakistan there is no possibility of restoration of peace to Kashmir.
What one needs to understand is that the key factor in this peace process is the united stand and support of we Kashmiri’s which will make all the difference.

We all are witness to the umpteen attempts made to initiate a sustainable peace process between India & Pakistan which have mostly been in vain.

The blame game battle between Indo pak continues with India pointing towards  some very valid breaches done by Pakistan like:

  • Ceasefire violations,
  • BAT actions
  • Infiltration
  • Fidayeen attacks from across the border
  • The ultimate loss is the bleeding of Kashmir “our crown” and its people.

Amidst all this chaos, be it the loss of Umar Fayaz, Feroz Ahmed Dar and many such sons of the soil who fought terrorism or even the death of Eisa or Musa; the bottom line is that a Kashmiri son, a brother, a father or a husband is lost. This needs to stop.

The meadows, streams, orchards and snow clad mountains akin to heaven on earth have long enough been eclipsed by stone-throwing protesters, gun-toters, burning schools, rubble-littered streets, gunfights and so much more. It is very unfortunate that for over three decades our Kashmiri children have been losing their childhood and innocence because of the violence of we the adults. Emotionally scarred and living in uncertainty each day with the fear of death looming over their loved ones has unknowingly wiped out the Kashmiriyat out of our children at a very tender and impressionable age.

Preserving Kashmiriyat

We Kashmiri’s need to understand that after so much lost, we can never comfort ourselves. But for the sake of our future generations, we need to cash on the current tide for our good. We need to co-operate to put an end to this chaos.

  • Rampant incidents of violence like:
  • Killing of local politicians
  • Braid chopping
  • Call for shutdowns
  • Homegrown militancy & support to foreign terrorists
  • Need to stop immediately. These are all catalyst to derail any dialogue aimed at garnering peace for kashmiris. The Kashmir issue pot cannot keep simmering at the cost of our children’s blood.

What will Kashmir people decide

It must be understood by all that, a genuine solution to the conflict depends on restoring Kashmir’s confidence in a democratic and secular India with the creation of new job opportunities (within and outside the state), a clean administration and political freedom. Our moderate organizations need to come forward and provide the worthwhile constructive contribution towards the problem. They need to push the hardliners and make way to come to some logical conclusion.

We need to take a clue from everything happening around us like the placement of an interlocutor, new surrender and rehab policies, subjugation of Hurriyat or the US pressure on Pakistan; and channelize in a positive direction.

Bear in mind that Pakistan has been a complete failure as a state, politically, constitutionally & economically and is facing serious accusations of harboring terrorism. Soon it will be isolated globally for the same reasons. Pak military has hijacked state democracy and has no battle honors instead only military coups to its credit. In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir the Pakistani government always tries to keep the Kashmir issue alive but the fact is that they never give Kashmir people legal rights. Pakistan will never recognize the rights of the people of Gilgit and Baltistan. So each time a fellow Kashmiri foolishly comes out in support of Pakistan we must remind him that Kashmir cannot be another Gilgit or Balochistan. Let us stop being delusional and by no chance let Islamiyat replace Kashmiriyat.

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