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PAKISTAN is everything that ISIS aspires to be

What does ISIS aspire to be?

A sharia controlled formally recognised Islamic state with 6th-century laws awarding death for blasphemy, apostasy. Also ISIS plans to grow beyond geographical borders.

Terrorist state Pakistan is a threat to the international community;  more than North Korea. We should also note that this terrorist state has a nuclear dimension. North Korea is only a nuclear rogue state, not a terrorist state unless proven otherwise.

As Pakistan has:

  • Radical Islamists
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Virtual military dictatorship
  • A fragile economy

All of when mixed up makes an excellent Molotov cocktail of death for the world. It is a proven fact that the most hardcore ISIS members are from Pakistan. Unless the world comes together to dismantle at least few ingredients on this list the danger would persist. First one should be the radical Islamists followed by the virtual Military dictators.

ISIS – A threat for the entire World

Pakistan is a caliphate without a caliph

And Pakistanis are made to believe that Pakistan is not isolated like North Korea. It has friends like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China and others (Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives) on its side. And many other nations with good ties. These friends of Pakistan have recently put Pakistan on grey list of FATF for terror financing. Let us hope that we the people of Pakistan dismantle these fundamental Islamists and the corrupt Military dictators ourselves before others around the world start coming into Pakistan. Others will also do what we desire but it would be like what Iraq and Afghanistan are today.

Let us not become the cannon fodder and practicing ranges for advanced weaponry of the west. Let us come together for containing the situation. It is now or never for all of Pakistan. If other countries come in they will dismantle not only the ingredients but also the break us into Baluchistan, Sindh, and Punjab etc. Let us not let the world break the Quaid’s dream.

It is now the point for us to think!

05 Mar 18/Saturday.



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