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17 March 2018 Mumbai: Increased animosity towards Pakistan in Indian Army

Pakistan Army has been continuously under pressure from Indian offensive not seen since 1972.  Referring to Ceasing of hostilities between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir must be on Indian terms, Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat on Friday said: “It must be on Indian terms.” Indian Army Chief is trying to tame Pakistan Army using new increasing Indian animosity.


He indicated to a rise in cross-border firing by India as part of a larger Indian strategy to exert pressure on Pakistan, as reported in the international media. The Indian Army Chief said, “So, we have raised the ante by resorting to cross-border firing, which is leading to violations of the ceasefire. Earlier, the burden was only on us to man the border and remain alert and now the Pakistan Army is facing the same pain. They also have to now remain alert on the border.”

Pak rangers firing across border villages

India will Punish

General Rawat said, “Pakistani posts supporting infiltrators must be punished” and asserted that “the increase in the ceasefire violations had compelled Pakistan to deploy more forces along the Line of Control, which was earlier in the hinterland or peace postings.”

Recalling the years when borders were relatively calm and the ceasefire agreement was in force, General Rawat said, “Despite this, the infiltration continued and there was no pressure on the Pakistani Army which aided and abetted infiltration across the LoC.”

Heavy firing by Pak Army forces border villages to vacate

The Indian army chief was speaking at an event organized by the Vivekananda International Foundation. “Let me assure you, it is not just the Indian army which is (alone) facing the brunt. The people sitting across the LoC are suffering far more damage than what we are suffering,” the army chief said.

Bleed India Policy increasing Animosity towards Pakistan

We in Pakistan should remember that bleeding India with a thousand cuts is good when the Indians are on back foot and counting on minimizing casualties. However, this time they are more inclined in replying us with the same language, intensity, and vengeance. When asked about the “continuing infiltration despite Indian forces showing deterrence”, General Bipin Rawat termed it as a “cheap option” by Pakistan. He, however, cautioned if Islamabad raised the “threshold”, New Delhi would have the option of going to the next level.

“And I think Pakistan is just about ensuring that they do not raise the threshold, but then the call as to when we want to raise the threshold rests with us. It is in our hands to raise it, depending on how high we want to do it,” he said. This is a clear threat which our ISI chief, Lieutenant-General Naveed Mukhtar might like to have a look and reassess his posture.

Pakistan’s ‘bleed India with a thousand cuts’ policy—while Pakistan Army has been denying that such a policy exists—is in fact in shambles. India has sustained the losses, with no perceptible weakening of resolve or strength. Jihad proposed to tackle India and sustained by ISI has become an ugly word the world over. China’s recent decision to stall a ban on Jaish-e Mohammed’s Masood Azhar by exercising a ‘technical hold’ at the UN somewhat muddies these waters, giving ISI’s jihad proponents, a faint hope that support exists somewhere. However, Chinese support is evanescent—it has to be noted that China was silent after Uri attacks by Jihadi group sponsored by ISI is significant.

Regular ceasefire violation by Pak Army

Ceasefire on Indian Terms

The ceasefire between India and Pakistan must come only on Indian terms which mean Pakistan has to stop supporting infiltration in totality, the Indian army chief said. “You want a ceasefire and we are willing to go for a ceasefire but you stop supporting and infiltrating (militants) into our country. If you stop doing that we are willing to do that until then forget there is any ceasefire” he said.

“So it must come on our terms. And those terms will come when they find that we have the potential to raise the ante. Gradually, if this does not work, we can keep calibrating and raising the ante, till they find it that they cannot take it longer,” Rawat said.


Pakistani Bluff

Pakistan Army has been showing Chinese made civilian drones in videos and terming them as Indian Drones which have been shot down. However, Indians have never thought these claims even fit for a reply as they do not have any civilian especially Chinese made drones in service.

Final Word

Pakistan’s long drawn strategy to bleed India with a thousand cuts has gone too far. We have taken this un-Islamic war against India for no rhyme or reason. Pakistan Army started various policies and started propaganda war to alienate India. This was because once the relations with India if improved Pakistan Army will lose its relevance and Pakistan will move out of the hands of Pakistani Generals. Indians are now paying us back with vengeance and we are losing our young boys because of the sins our Generals did in the past. Hopefully, with Allah’s grace, we will be warding off this increasing Indian animosity. Today entire world considers that every Pakistani as a terror suspect after the way we protect international terrorists in Pakistan. Our government is not only cheating us but also trying to cheat the entire world. We have to guard our future in the coming elections. Pakistan should go to vote and not bow down to the Jihadi parties.

20 Mar 2018/Tuesday                                                                                    

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