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Visas for 806th Annual Urs

India is yet to grant visas to Pakistanis wishing to attend the Urs of Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti at Dargah Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan from March 19-29, said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Friday. This is a new high in increasing Indian animosity towards people of Pakistan.

Pakistanis wishing to attend the 806th annual Urs of the Sufi saint at the 12th-century shrine in Ajmer ─ considered to be among the holiest Muslim shrines in India ─ were to leave for India on March 18. India has not granted a single visa as it considers these visits by Pakistanis make way for Jihadis to enter India and terror financing.

Pakistanis have been permitted to take part in the Urs according to a 1974 agreement between both countries which allows people to visit holy sites on either side of the border.

INCREASING INDIAN ANIMOSITY TOWARDS PAKISTAN - 21Every year around 500 Pakistani devotees attend the urs of the great 6th-century saint ─ also known as ‘Gharib Nawaz‘, or the patron of the poor ─ who introduced the Afghan-origin Chishti order, which preaches love and tolerance, to Punjab and Rajasthan.

The MoRA spokesperson told DawnNewsTV that the government is in “constant communication with Indian authorities for the timely issuance of visas”.

He warned people wishing to attend the Urs to refrain from traveling to Lahore until a categorical decision is made in the matter.

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Look out

Gen Zia’s strategy to bleed India with a thousand cuts has gone too far. We have taken this un-Islamic war against India for no rhyme or reason. Indians are now paying us back with vengeance. We have to guard ourselves and stop being so naive. India considers today every Pakistani as a terror suspect after the way we are treating Indians in Pakistan especially their diplomats. We released a fake video a day back and called it as a way to harass our diplomats which has fallen flat in the international community. Our government is not only cheating us but also trying to cheat the entire world.

19  Mar 2018/Monday.

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