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16 March 2018 Mumbai: IMPPA Statement

Animosity between Indians against Pakistani artists has been increasing leaps and bounds.Increasing INDIAN ANIMOSITY TOWARDS PAKISTAN-11 In a new wave, the IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association) has demanded a ban on work permits to all Pakistani artists wanting to work in India. This was not new however this time the requests to the government were not verbal. IMPPA President TP Agarwal directly wrote to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking a ban on account of sacrifices by Indian Army Soldiers. This is an increasing Indian Animosity towards Pakistan.

A couple of days ago, IMPPA also demanded visa restrictions be amplified and requested a ban on issuance of visas to all Pakistanis. Due to this the stress level among Pakistani actors has increased manifold. This may impact the foreign exchange crisis to Government of Pakistan.

Request to PMO India shows increasing Indian animosity

According to the letter, the IMPPA has demanded PMO, India for a ban on all Pakistani entertainers in the Indian film industry in totality. “It is our request to the government of India to bar the work permits of all Pakistani artists working in different departments of the Indian film and music industry,” it reads. “Not only as entertainment professionals but also as Indians, we are immensely hurt by the rude behavior portrayed by Pakistani artists with regard to Pakistani terrorism. This will send a strong message, not only across the border but also in India, that when it comes to the dignity and sovereignty of our country, we Indians stand united in our quest to safeguard it.”


This is the second time this week such demands have been made. Earlier this week, the FWICE (Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees) also pushed for increased restrictions over Pakistani TV channels showing Indian shows. The world knows that Bollywood financing starts with underworld connections and somehow leads into Pakistani ISI. Pakistan controls most of the underworld operating in Mumbai and hence has inroads into decision making thus giving most opportunities to Pakistani artists when compared to Indian artists due to pressure from underworld dons with pro-Pakistani lineage.

Speaking to freelance journalist regarding these developments, Chaudhry Ejaz Kamran, a senior official from Pakistan Film Producers Association and chairman of the Pakistan Film Distributors Association confirmed, “The Indian showbiz industry stands united to bar Pakistani artists from working within Bollywood but it is a shame that even after this, Indian films are allowed to release in our country. The Pakistani government should consider the circumstances and put a ban on the release of Indian films in our cinemas so we can also spread a strong message amongst our people. Our film industry has been revived and is also establishing itself in a better place now. Therefore, for the welfare of our local cinema, we should take the relevant steps.”

Look out

It may be noted that Indian films have been selectively banned in Pakistan unless financial links are monetarily benefiting Pakistan. Since Pakistan has great potential and talent should ban Pakistani artists from working in Indian projects. Will this solve the issue our artists are paid peanuts back at home. They go to Bollywood for better avenues. If Indians are banning our lads and girls then there is a reason for it. Gen Zia’s strategy to bleed India with a thousand cuts has gone too far. Indians are now paying us back with vengeance. We have to guard ourselves and stop being so naive.

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