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23 Jan 2018: In recent times Pakistan is earning a lot of negative publicity, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values of require a relook as they seem to be stuck in the medieval period. Our leaders have been obsessed with Kashmir as if it is a Holy grail of all our problems in Pakistan. Muslims living in India has progressed by leaps and bounds. Our religious fanatics are preaching wrongs in Madrasas to our children and turning them into fundamentalists. They are turning Pakistan into a Self-Harming Nation. The madrasas in Indonesia and Malaysia are doing a wonderful job of teaching religion and modern sciences to their children. They are incorporating newer syllabus into the Madrasa curriculum.

Our Bureaucratic and Military leaders do not want the madrasa system to modernize in Pakistan. If the system is modernized they will not get our children as cannon fodder for their Jihadi war machine. On the one hand we are projecting Pakistan as a progressive Islamic country with Nuclear capability and on the other hand, our friends are suspecting Islam to be not fully open to them. Our system of education is based on systems used in medieval period. Clerics who have to obey Prophet and be neutral have been trying to bulldoze their way into issuing fatwas on music, theatre, and films. The same is not applicable in Pakistan as long as Pakistani actors work and get dollars from a foreign country. These are double standards followed under the directions of Pakistan Army top brass. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will surely lose their Islamic identity in the near future and become a self-harming nation.

Story of two Non-Self-Harming CountriesSelf-Harming Nation - 91

Malaysia and Indonesia are both Muslim countries however they have adapted to the changing times without major compromises on their religion. They are the best examples of non-Self-Harming Nation. Malaysian leaders have taken a balanced view on their religion and their technological requirements. The Madrasas there not only teach religious subjects but also science and modern concepts of education are adopted. The Madrasas in these two countries were not so modern or technology-oriented till recently. There are nearly 900 new schools that have been registered in Malaysia alone. Malaysian PM Najib Razak gave RM30 million (S$9.7 million) for development of Tahfiz education system. This was done to provide financial aid to empower privately run institutions. For gaining access to assistance a Madrasa has to register itself. However, there is no compulsion for Madrasas to register.

Self-Harming Nation - 92

Impact of ISIS on Education system in Indonesia and Malaysia

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant, Lotfi Ariffin killed in Syria in 2014, had revealed to have jointly founded a madrasah in Malaysia’s Kedah state. This lead to fears that ISIS militants may influence students in these Islamic schools. To block this influence of ISIS and financial air from terror groups and recruitment of terrorists from Madrasas Malaysian government had taken up the bold step of registration and financial assistance. In Malaysia like the world over the perceptions of Muslims have been distorted due to ISIS. In both countries, a mixed system of education is followed. Children go to Madrasa system of education and upon their completion of religious teaching, they shift to modern science and other curriculums. Infact, Mr. D Ahmad Husin has written a paper on the subject. It is one of the papers on which complete Indonesian and Malaysian system is based on.

Islamic Fatwas to Kashmiri Brothers at behest of a Self-Harming Nation

Kashmiri brothers are wonderful people who have great talent and creativity in Music and theatre. They have shown this ability in the past. Today as part of a grand plan by ISPR, ISI is buying muftis in India for issuing fatwas and warnings that music is haram under Quran. Some Muslims scholars believe that Music is prohibited/sinful in Islam. However, only music which leads to drugs, sex, and violence etc are only prohibited. But our Islamic clerics as directed by ISI, want the music, theatre and other modes of entertainment not to be allowed in Kashmir. Pakistan Army believes that young people should not congregate at a movie theatre or listen to music. This is because if they have free time and nowhere to spend the time then they will surely use the spare time towards terror and disruptive activities. However, these are not un-Islamic in Pakistan.Self-Harming Nation - 93

Kashmiri youth will one day remember that such dictums were given by the clerics to stop their freedom to learn and prosper. They will understand that the Pakistani grand plan is to enslave the Kashmiris, Balouchis and all. The Pakistan Military does not like free souls or people who can question.

Self-Harming Nation releasing dictates on women

Similar dictates are on Kashmiri women and actresses too.Self-Harming Nation - 94 However, These dictates are not applicable to Pakistani actresses. They want Kashmiri and other Muslim women to obey sharia. However, they do not want such a requirement to be mandatory for themselves. Women are the architect of any society. Not only in their role as a mother, daughter, and wife they play a major role in nation building. The state of women reflect the society at large, so it is essential that is aspect is viewed with utmost responsibility and sensitivity. However, the current trend in Pakistan wherein each day the deplorable state of women make headlines not only in our own country but worldwide. It is a serious cause for concern.

Atrocities on women in Pakistan is no more an in-house worry, but our dirty linen is now washed worldwide.

Karachi ranks as the second most dangerous country for women in the world, we rape 7 to 70 yrs old, we issue unrealistic fatwas, we dislike our women raising voice for their own basic rights and mostly we believe in silencing each one who dares to. Arent we the epitome of hypocrisy? On one hand, we shot Malala in the head and loathe her because that young activist spoke on the importance of education for young girls and on the other hand we admire Mahira Khan, Mia Khalifa and the likes who are openly promoting nudity, smoking and all other activities which are considered sin as per Quran.

The issue is not about Mahira smoking in a skimpily clad dress publicly, it is about accepting her this way but not others who don’t even desire for much but a dignified life. Similarly, we are ok watching Hollywood Bollywood movies infact the whole of Arab loves Bollywood but our Kashmiri brothers and sisters are forbidden to do the same. There are no cinemas in Kashmir however here our own actors, singers are desperate to be part of Bollywood. The list is endless, there is nothing logical in what we preach but the irony is that we don’t even act upon it ourselves. A serious introspection is required to understanding where we are headed. If women don’t feel safe in their own homes, we have always been a self-harming nation.

Self-Harming Nation - 95

ISI Buying Fatwas

None of the Pakistan Army officers’ wives are seen using hijab. They lead normal public life but the Muftis expect other Muslim women have been ordered (mainly in Kashmir) to follow hijab. ISI has been bribing Muslim religious leaders and Muftis into issuing these retrograde fatwas and exploiting the power of Muftis. This is only double standard. It is an open secret that Pakistan Army is involved in drug trafficking through Haqqani network. the same has been reported by international media. ISI and Pakistan Army has experience in the past smuggling Supari and Betel leaves (بيٹل ليف) in 1970s and now drugs like heroin.

Backing of Self-Harming Nation to un-Islamic Hurriyat

Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir who are picked and nursed by Pakistan Military in that country to instigate descent and disorder. The first question that comes up for scrutiny is how are these Hurriyat leaders Muslims as they do not have any loyalty to their land. They want to surrender their freedom to the bloodthirsty Pakistan Military who raped and killed many Kashmiris in 1947. Have we forgotten that to be a true Muslim one has to have loyalty to his country, regardless of his faith.

Spreading disorder is not Islamic

Our military leaders have been spreading disorder in to the east in Indian states of Punjab, Kashmir in the east and to the west in Afghanistan. Initially, in Afghanistan, we were spreading disorder in the name of opposing communism. Then to get control of drug money and natural resources as a futuristic grand plan of ISPR and Pakistan military top brass. Have they forgotten that creating disorder and descent is un-Islamic? I think they have not read Quran at all.

Self-Harming Nation - 96

Teaching of Quran forgotten in Self-Harming Nation

This is the reason why Prophet and his followers left Macca without fighting. They clearly abstained from sowing any seed of dissension—exemplifying the Quranic injunction, “Create not disorder in the earth” (2:13).

Islam requires Muslims to not only obey their government but actively love their country – as Prophet Muhammad instructed, “Love of one’s country is a part of faith” (Sakhavi; Safinat al-Bihar, vol. 8, pg. 525; Mizan al-Hikmah, Hadith # 21928).

This is one of the reason why we see that none of the Hurriyat leaders or Jamaat-e-Islami (سلامی) have their children fighting in Kashmir.

The Holy Quran states, “O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you” (4:60).

Self-Harming Nation - 97

Prophet on Obedience to Ruler/Government

Prophet Muhammad also declared, “Whoso obeys the ruler obeys me, and whoso disobeys the ruler disobeys me”; “Listen to and obey your ruler, even if you despise him”. Our girls and boys can go and wear whatever they can in Hollywood and Bollywood because there they can make dollars required for the military war machine. They can go to any extent even run naked but Sania Mirza was given a fatwa for wearing a skirt in a tennis match. Is it not quite strange? That is because she makes money for her country and not Pakistan.

It would not be wrong if we say that the General of Pakistan Army in the past and present have strayed from the path shown by Prophet. Being an Islamic state we are not following the teachings of Prophet. We have strayed away from the path shown by Prophet to become a Self-Harming nation.

Points to Ponder

We as a progressive country should choose our path which was shown by Quaid-i-Azam. Most of the population is poor and mostly centered around feudalism. Most Young children go to Madrasas for their education. Just by catching a single terrorist in Syria cannot make the entire system bad. Malaysia and Indonesia have modified their education system to introduce modern subjects after religious teaching is imparted. This gives the students to be current and compete in modern day world. Preaching people not to listen to music or go to movies or theatres is derogatory and restrictive. This curtails creativity and increases the tendency to be destructive. ISPR is instigating hatred around Pakistan which is un-Islamic. Our ISI and ISPR are manipulating facts for money, for their war machinery. They are least concerned about the welfare of Pakistani people.

Self-Harming Nation - 97

We cannot allow the military, political and beurocratic bosses to make us Un-Islamic. We have to follow our religion respect our elders and women. Protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is Islam not to harass a weaker un-Islamic. We the people of Pakistan have to decide which path we choose to walk on, either the path is shown by Prophet or the path taken by the Military top brass and be a Self-Harming Nation.

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