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23 Jan 2018/Tuesday: In recent times Pakistan is earning a lot of negative publicity, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values of require a relook as they seem to be stuck in the medieval period. Muslims living in our neighboring countries including India where our politicians highlight atrocities on women have progressed by leaps and bounds. We have been duped time again Bureaucratic and Military leaders. On the one hand we are projecting Pakistan as a progressive Islamic country with a Nuclear capability and on the other hand, our friends are suspecting Islam to be spreading hatred on other religions. Our system of education is based on systems used in medieval period. The Government medical vaccination campaigns are not liked by the Islamic militants and keep killing the vaccination workers. Our Clerics are untrained have no patience and think capital punishment is best suited.  Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will surely lose their Islamic identity in the near future and become a self-harming nation.

Self-Harming Nation: Sleeping with the enemy

The leadership of Pakistan both military and political have been supporting an unIslamic country for many years. Recently the same country confiscated the Holy book of Quran in the name of controlling violence. Such a blasphemous act was not even condemned by the leaders of Pakistani polity or military. This is not what Islam has preached us.

Un-Islamic Practices of an unFriendly true-Friend

They even asked all the Muslim households to display the supreme leader in the central hall of the house. The government in that country also passed legislation to ensure that the citizenry pays proper respects. Recently the state surveillance apparatus has started tracking all the Muslim religion followers using advanced face recognition systems. China is trying out this new tool in one of its favorite test beds, the restive region of Xinjiang. the Chinese Government has been making attempts to force Pakistan to be Un-Islamic by giving us loans at a very high-interest rate. They have been trying to 

The Muslim-dominated villages on China’s western frontier have installed systems that alert authorities when targeted people venture more than 1000 meters (approx) beyond the designated “safe areas”. The safe areas comprise of individuals’ homes and workplaces. The alert project connects feeds from security cameras to a database of people who have attracted the attention of authorities and tracks their movements within a particular area. The Chinese police can follow up or intercept or apprehend the individuals at a later at their own time.

Religious Restrictions on Muslims

China has started accelerating its efforts on installing security apparatus after reports that Uyghurs were involved in terror attacks in Beijing and Turkey. This is a curtailment of freedom of religion by China warranting Jihad on that nation. We are a self-harming nation performing the blasphemous act of sleeping with the enemy of Islam.

Our leaders keep pointing fingers towards India which has a sizable Muslim population and where except sharia all is well. There are eminent Muslims who are in the entertainment industry and business. On the other hand, we in Pakistan do not have a single non-Muslim to speak of the same.

Opposition to Vaccination in Self-Harming Nation

We are ourselves killing our own people in Pakistan indiscriminately. We have targeted weak women who are working for the better health of our children. Two women a mother 38 and daughter 16 were killed for working as polio vaccination campaign outside of Quetta by unknown gunmen. The Islamic militants consider each campaign as a cover for spying. They also believe that polio drop campaign is a plot to make Muslim boys sterile. In April 2016, seven Polio workers were killed in Karachi. 

Call of a Political leader in India

Imagine in India on the call of their PM they have started Swatch Bharat programme. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India everyone is changing their way of life. Muslims in India contributing maximum and their localities have been cleansed of all the muck. Even in the state of Jammu and Kashmir people are seen to have changed the way they live. They say one thing PM Modi has done is cleaned Indian cities to villages, improving hygiene and sanitation.

Recently a small girl Jannat from Srinagar, Kashmir took her father in their Shikara to clean up the beautiful Dal lake. Her work was immediately noticed by News Channels and Freelance Journalists all over India. PM Modi was moved by the tweet and he personally tweeted on her video. Such a personal touch by national leaders of polity in the modern world is not a frequent occurrence. Looking at these events one can say that the Indian government does not see its Muslim population with an alienated eye. Our Military leaders do propagate that Muslims in India are being persecuted. However, the same is not true. They never raise a word against China. But our leaders are supporting China which is imposing restrictions on Muslims and fighting against India which is a Muslim friendly nation. These are the straits of Self-Harming Nation.

Killing in the name of Blasphemy

College students have taken arms to kill in the name of blasphemy.  In an incident, a class XII student on 22 Jan 2018 killed the principal of his college in Pakistan’s northwestern district of Charsadda all in the name of Blasphemy. It seems in Pakistan anyone can kill as long as he can blame it on the blasphemy. If such is the case in our country how can we blame country like India where the law is upheld. On the other hand, the Islamic clerics have gone so much impatient that they have killed or molested many of our children in the name of religion. Recently one of the Islamic Clerics was arrested for beating Muhammad Hussain an 8-year-old boy to death in Bin Qasim Town. The offense of the boy was that he tried to run away from a religious seminary.

Pints to Ponder

We as a progressive country should choose our path which was shown by Quaid-i-Azam. He had brought us together into a single nation from different parts of sub-continent. Immediately after the separation one part which. We should not stray away into the dark ages where these Islamic clerics are taking us by preaching the wrong things. They do not have any outlook which can be called as progressive and just want to carry on doing their ills to the civil society. Such people have to be restricted. Blasphemy should be tried in a court of law and not on street. Pakistan should a law-abiding state where every citizen has to show the clerics their place. The polio workers are doing our nation a great service by doing their job right. Polio is a stigma to a progressive society. It can only be present in a Self-Harming Nation not a progressive and advanced nation such as Pakistan boasting of mastering nuclear missile technology.

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