05 Jan 2018, Friday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values struck in medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in international arena. They have openly plundered our nation. We follow a religion where we are actually looked down by other rich nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Our education system is based on Quran and the majority of children go to madrasas. These Madrasas preach intolerance towards other religions or non-believers. Islamic leaders like Zakir Naik and others are only copycats, who have done plagiarism blatantly. If we continue to follow madrasa methods of teaching, we will turn into a self-harming nation. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future.

Zakir Naik

Every Muslim child idealizes about Zakir Naik to be a pious person, with in-depth knowledge of Islam and Hindu texts. He has been writing about Hinduism and Islam a comparison for quite some time. Recently some revelations have happened about his works. These revelations prove that he is just copying the work called “Muhammad in World Scriptures”. This was written by someone who is not even considered a non-Muslim but also banned in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. This work was written by Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi in 1936 and translated into various languages including English.


Zakir Naik is simply reading from this work of three volumes saving him the necessity of ready Vedas on which he comments. Copying directly, even word for word, from others work without even quoting his references is blatant plagiarism. And that too quoting something written by an Ahmadiyya is haram. Zakir who is a fan of Islamic law may choose to chop off his hands or getting killed in public as these are punishments for stealing works or deserting his community. However, why have the other Islamic clerics in Pakistan unable to catch him? Its just because his fan following is strong. The more the fan following more are the Petrodollars from middle-east. Islamic clergy in Pakistan and elsewhere require the crowd pulling people around for their funding. If Pakistani youth start following people like Zakir Naik we will surely end up as a self-harming nation.

Such fake are not uncommon in the subcontinent. Hafiz Sayeed is also one of them.

Self-Harming Nation: Madrasa System of Education

Madrassas of Pakistan are Islamic seminaries in Pakistan, known as Madaris-e-Deeniya in Urdu. Most Madrasas teach mostly Islamic subjects such as Tafseer, HadithFiqh, Arabic Language. Sometimes as an exception it includes non-Islamic subjects such as such as logic, philosophy, mathematics. The number of Madrasas has increased drastically after Gen Zia-ul-Haq came into power. He was a follower of Lal Masjid dictums. Out of these Madrasas only 4% are following Shia rest are following Sunni. These Madrasas have become recruiting centres for religious fanatics for jihad against western countries. There have been reports that the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) travelled extensively to Saudi Arabia seeking donation for the Madrasas in Pakistan. JuD is front for Lashkar–e–Taiba (LeT). JuD had collected donations after giving inflated expenditure for each Madrasa and then siphoned off the excess money. This excess money is used for terror campaign. These terror mongers are the only reason that we have been continuously loosing precious lives in Western borders of Pakistan. If no action is taken against these Madrasa education system which are terror mongering Pakistan will lose its religious identity. Already the US is engaging terror elements from the skies and Pakistan Army is unable to do anything.

Points to Ponder

Education is the main string with which a nation progresses. If Pakistan focusses on a medieval form of education system then we will become a nation fit to be in that era. Now it is up to the people of Pakistan to decide what is required by them. If we give too much emphasis to religious dramatists like Zakir Naik and his team we again will be doing injustice to Prophet and Pakistan. We have to strive to stay as neutral to these preachers of falsehood. Our children should be educated in the best schooling system to date and should also know about their religion for the growth of Pakistan. If they know more about religion but less about modern sciences then there may not be a place for such Pakistan in the world arena. May the children of Pakistan not fall prey to these clergy who want to use them as cannon fodder for attainment of power.

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