26 DEC 2017, Tuesday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military leaders and they plundered our nation. We are a water-starved country. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in the international arena. The Indus Water Treaty of 1960 gives us some scope of respite. If we try to damage the treaty due to our obsession on Kashmir we might be left thirsty for life. Already the foreign aid from the US is being delayed due to this Kashmir obsession. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future by becoming a Self-Harming Nation.

Fought a War against Mujahids for money: Self-Harming Nation

The US government had been giving money to Pakistan for fighting against influences of Russians ever since Pakistan became independent. The new 55-page security policy issued by Trump administration seeks Pakistan take a “decisive action against militant and terrorist groups operating from its soil”. Replying to this the DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor, boss of the think tank behind military strategy in Pakistan said, “Since 1947, giving Pakistan $50 billion or so, is not our price, as far as money is concerned. If America gave us assistance in the security domain, that is in their national interest. The US is a superpower; it has defense cooperation with countries across the world. By making small payments over the years in the ongoing war on terror US government is claiming that heavy payments are being made. We want to say that Pakistan is not fighting for money.”

It is an Open Secret

What the political and Military leaders are forgetting is that they can only fool the illiterate masses who do not know what is happening outside their own village or suburb. For those who are learned Pakistan Military propaganda cannot influence them as truth is out there in the open. Social Media makes hiding of facts very difficult and the same is not being understood by people like General Gafoor. He is still in a fool’s paradise and thinks that he can fool people of Pakistan. The international community has devised methods to intrude into our country coercively or forcefully for information.

This is how Osama Bin Laden even though hidden by ISI and Pakistan Army was found in Abbottabad by US special forces and was eliminated. We have to remember that once when asked in 2005, the then-president Musharraf emphatically rubbished that bin Laden was in Pakistan, stating “One thing is very sure, let me assure you, that we are not going to hide him for a rainy day and then release him to take advantage.” After the Osama’s killing, Dr. Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani citizen, was captured and tortured by ISI for reasons best known to them. He is accused of aiding in the identification of Osama in his hideout to the US by getting out DNA samples.

Snubbing of a Self-Harming Nation on Kashmir Issue

In his speech, PM Nawaz Sharif finished in UNGA on 20 Sept 2016 raised the issue of Kashmir in a well-dramatized fashion. He was snubbed when he did not find any traction from either the US or UK. Pakistani Foreign Office confirmed on 19 Sept 2016 that Sharif had sent letters to the US, Russia, China, Britain, and France asking them to intervene in Kashmir issue. As per the Foreign Office, he wanted “to halt more than two months of violence in Kashmir”. He also claimed that it will be a threat to international peace and security. This was post attack by JeM cadres on Uri Army Camp killing 18 Soldiers.  Ms. Maleeha Lodhi showed pictures of Palestinian girl as a Kashmiri pallet victim and was caught immediately by the Indians.

Self-Harming Nation - 3 Conflict

Retaliation by India

In retaliation, the Indian Army launched a surgical strike on terror camps. Pakistan Army was caught completely off guard and Indian security forces inflicted heavy damages to so-called jihadi factories in various locations deep inside Pakistan.

Replying in UNGA, a young Indian diplomat snubbed Pakistani PM with an undiplomatic sentence stating “The land of Taxila, one of the greatest learning centers of ancient times, is now host to the Ivy League of terrorism. It attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over the world. The effects of its toxic curriculum are felt across the globe.” Ms. Eenam Gambhir also stressed that Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorism and is seen by India as a terror state which channelizes billions of dollars, much of it diverted from international aid to training, financing and supporting terrorist groups as militant proxies against its neighbors.

This is an insult of the highest degree to any sovereign country because PM at that time was singing to the tunes and script given by ISI. Shortly after that Indian special forces took their revenge in what is called a surgical strike which Pakistan Army denies to date.  She was the only diplomat having a Hashtag for her speech in UNGA. No Islamic country or even the western world could garner such support by their population.

Obsession with Kashmir

Self-harming Nation -4 US-Aid
US Aid to Pakistan

In 1948 Pakistan got less than $1 Million as economic assistance. Immediately after that, the Economic assistance for Pakistan started. The economic assistance to Pakistan increased over the years ever since it started backing the western block during the cold war. For its support, the US has been giving Economic aid and Military aid.  Military aid started in 1955. In the second year, i.e. 1956 the aid quadrupled and the same has been increasing. Recently it started flowing after the US started its Afghanistan operations. As can be seen in the graph the Coalition support fund and Military assistance also increased dramatically.

Funding Dramas

When Pakistan built its Uranium enrichment facility all aid except food aid was withdrawn by Carter Administration. Pakistan always got bulk of the aid in the form of economic aid. In 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan enabled CIA to funnel its funds covertly through Pakistan’s ISI. Most of the funds were diverted by the ISI to fund its own effort to spring up militancy in the Indian state of Punjab and Kashmir. The US had always been warning Pakistan against using its funds against India. Pakistan too always gave its assurance on the same. Recently former president Pervez Musharraf had admitted that US military funding always was used to strengthen defenses against India. The is what Indians had been complaining to the US for decades.

Trump Threatens Self-Harming Nation

Self-harming nation -Trumptweet

The Trump administration on 01 Jan 2018 threatened to withhold the $255 million foreign military aid. Trump administration accused Pakistan of being a “liar and deceit”. Today Pakistan has its foreign exchange reserves dwindling and if this assistance is stopped there is a fear that it might go bankrupt. Immediately after the tweet of President Trump, China came forward for extending its assistance to Pakistan. Pakistan is the only country which would allow a foreign currency i.e. of China to be used as a preferred currency in its soil. What can be more shameful for this self-harming nation?

Points to Ponder

We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. Our leaders had never allowed the local industries to develop. Unlike the neighboring country which protected its local industry. Due to the sustained inflow of economic assistance, the leaders just never planned for growing industry manufacturing capital goods. In the garb of national honor of Kashmir, we have been instigating India in the wrong direction. Pakistani Army is as it is not interested in Kashmiri freedom.

In the name of Kashmir, it wants to fuel its coffers for unlimited funds being given at its disposal. If in times of Conflict, if Indians decide to go all out, no holds barred strategy, no quarter given or taken war, then Pakistan is bound to die by thirst. In other words, Indians need not fire a single bullet. Before any war, Trump’s Administration can squeeze us to our size. Pakistan is not an economic giant like China which can stand against the US. China can due to its economic might.

Unless united we stand we cannot win against our own army-backed ISI and ISPR. We are fast becoming a Self-Harming nation. If not by a nuclear bomb we might die of thirst for sure.

For more information do keep reading this series it might enlighten is the people of Pakistan in making a wiser decision in our next general election.

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