Muslim Women Slapped With Another Bizarre Fatwa: Part 2

It is a pity that in today’s time when women are in positions of power in every branch of government, business, and social organization such subjugation which defies basic fundamental rights still exists. Women today are providing a new style of collaborative and visionary leadership, which is changing the way society functions. Unfortunately Muslim clerics are maiming Muslim sect by issuing such outlandish fatwas. Rather than encouraging their women by providing equal opportunities which could shape the new human family that is emerging from the leadership of these remarkable women worldwide.

*A study by South-East Asia Focus suggests that young, dynamic and devoted South-east Asia’s young Muslim women ( Indonesian, Malaysian) are more career driven and global than the generation before, and yet, are more Islamic.*Young Muslim women in Southeast Asia are coming of age at a time of societal flux. They are more devout than their parents’ generation (as seen by the spread of the hijab), and at the same time more professionally ambitious and more cosmopolitan in outlook.This confluence is playing out across sectors from food to beauty and fashion to banking to technology to travel, and presenting opportunities to many.

But why discuss them? Simply because Muslim women in India (Kashmir) are no different and there is a need to take a clue. The present equation is that of a progressive versus regressive mindset. It is interesting to see how indigenous culture in Indonesian archipelago plays its role as a basis of this moderate type of Islamicity. How education, especially modern social sciences shape up the views of clerics, scholars and intellectuals. There is a need of framing a similar moderate-progressive Muslim culture in Kashmir for spreading openness, growth, peace and harmony. Muslim women too can break the bubble and make a mark for themselves without hurting religious sentiments. What is required is a change in the thought process, a strong drive, a unification model which would bind all strengths and negate all negativity spewing to stall growth of Muslim women in the name of religion.

08 Jan 2018/Monday



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