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24Jan2018/Wednesday: As brought out in the previous article rising unlawful death penalties in Pakistan is an issue of grave concern as it denies an individual not guilty of a crime, the right to live. This issue has now caught the attention of HRC and other NGO’s worldwide, highlighting the disproportionate application of the death penalty on a wide array of lesser offences that do not constitute “the most serious crimes”. When dug deep it is found out that this dramatic rise in sentencing death and executions in Pakistan is a murky racket which is not only unethical but insanely barbaric.

Unlawful death penalties: Pakistan third prolific executioner in the world

With 400+ executions in the last three years, Pakistan stands as the third prolific executioner in the world. A title which the state machinery and Pakistan army (which has almost 200 death warrants to its credit) have earned after butchering its own people ruthlessly. The ugly fate of another 8000+ people caged in prisons, sentenced to death is nearing with each passing day haunting them and their families.

The white-collar assassins, on the other hand, are shamelessly pocketing this “blood money” or “haram” of mostly those who were either made scapegoats by the state, falsely accused as terrorists, who were too weak to fight the corrupt system or not allowed a legal representation.

Unlawful death penalties: Bribes in return for favourable judgments

Pay bribes and irregular payments in return for favourable judgments is a big corruption racket running in Pakistan. Ask any Pakistani if he/she has faith in their own judicial system you will know for yourself that there is truth in the can of worms unboxed.

However, this time it is not just corruption in Pakistan which is worrying, it is the barbarism and inhuman approach towards its own people to fulfil own aspirations; could be political or professional or personal.  A callous method adapted to justify to the people of Pakistan by giving them a false sense of security that terrorists are put behind bars.

Any 18 years old would also understand that with the speed in which people are apprehended, abducted, go missing, sentenced to death Pakistan should have by now been a corruption free and safe country to live in. Why is it still touted as the 2nd most dangerous city for women in the world? Why does Pakistan suffer from regular shutdowns, protests against its spineless government? Why are cases like that of Zainab occurring on a daily basis? Why are travel warnings issued by the west to travel to its ally country?

Unlawful death penalties: Pakistan killing its own

All is definitely not well in Pakistan. It has ethically collapsed and morally stained by its own rulers, the Pakistan Army and the puppet state machinery. This betrayal will be hard for the people of Pakistan to digest, but by connecting the dots the true face of Pakistan Army and its corrupt politicians is unmasked.

The regular massacres in Baluchistan, the ire of the west~ who have facts to prove Pakistan as a haven of terrorists, the huge debts that have piled up, animosity with neighbours (India, Iran, and Afghanistan).  What have the people of Pakistan got in return for trusting their beloved country with such erratic and corrupt leaders?

They have only got death, misery, uncertainty, unemployment, humiliation, atrocities on women, a prevailing negative vibe and a sense of fear in one’s own country.

Unlawful death penalties: How a mockery is made of the system

A fine example of how easily the so-called lawmakers make a mockery of the system in the above-stated context “unlawful death penalty” is given below:

Firstly, the widespread reliance on confessions obtained by torture violates the right to a fair trial. Cases like that of Shafqat Hussain that caught international attention proves that Pakistan’s justice system is ridden with deficiencies and abuses of authority.

Secondly, though Pakistan provides indigent capital defendants with counsel at state expense, the quality of representation is poor. The International Federation for Human Rights notes that, for the most part, state-appointed counsels are “young and inexperienced lawyers or brief fewer ones.” Furthermore, Pakistan does not provide for recourse to justice due to incompetent or ineffective counsel. More than half of the defendants in the cases reviewed suffered from inadequate representation by state-appointed lawyers in the early stages of their cases. In some, egregious errors by these lawyers directly resulted in convictions based on false testimony and in the execution of juveniles and members of other vulnerable groups that are owed special protection under international law.

For instance, Zulfiqar Ali Khan spent sixteen years on death row prior to his execution on May 6, 2015, by firing squad. When the prosecution presented falsified witness statements during his trial, Zulfiqar’s state-appointed lawyer failed even to challenge this testimony, causing irreparable damage to his case.

Thirdly, Pakistan does not provide individuals with adequate time and facilities for the preparation of their defence.

Unlawful death penalties: Unidentified sources in the Pakistani government reveal running of an illegal racket at the cost of innocent lives

This is nothing but a huge racket; in the last three years out of the 10,000 sentenced death penalty 400 are executed and rest languish in jail in inhuman conditions. These helpless people can only hire a lawyer and walk free if they pay the bribe at all levels. Pakistan army and the government are hands in glove in this corruption racket but in a country where Prime Ministers and high ranking military and government officials are involved neck deep in corruption, the people of Pakistan have little hope for any justice.

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