30 Dec 17/Friday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. Time and again in the past our country had done great service to the world by fighting against evil forces of Soviet Russia and India. Today we are ourselves harboring these evil forces which are biting us like thankless snakes. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military and these leaders had plundered our nation. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan their future is secured. Bureaucrats like Maleeha Lodhi were depicted as jokers by a section of media around the world.

Allegations on a Self-Harming Nation


Figure 1: US President presses for more action by Pakistan on Terror groups

After the release of US president’s first foreign policy, he started releasing statements that the US is trivializing Pakistan’s efforts in counter-terrorism operations. Trump’s new national security strategy which presses on Pakistan to intensify its action against militant groups operating in Pakistan. In an official response by Foreign Office of Pakistan, spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal remarked that such allegations are “unsubstantiated” and “unfounded”.

It may be noted that US has been observing our troops conducting genocide in Baluchistan, FATA, and other provinces. They have been flying drones and must be recording. There is evidence which is emerging every now and then in International Media on such genocides being committed by Pakistan Army. We should have learned our lessons after Operation Searchlight in 1972, which degraded Pakistan into a Self-Harming Nation.

Dismissal of NSA Mahmud Ali Durrani: Self-Harming Nation

 Mahmud Ali DurraniIn March this year, Pakistan’s former National Security Adviser Mahmud Ali Durrani gave a statement that the 26/11 Mumbai strike was a “classic example” of cross-border terrorism, carried out by a Pak-based group and hoped that its chief Hafiz Saeed is punished. However, the Government of Pakistan maintains that it or its nationals did not have any role in the Mumbai attack which killed 166 civilians. It may be noted that Mr. Durrani was sacked for accepting that Kasab was a Pakistani National.

Ajmal Kasab was the lone Pakistani terrorist arrested for the Mumbai terror attack. He was accused of waging war against the country, murder and TADA acts. On completion of the trial, he was found guilty and was later hanged in India. He was the only official whom Indians thought could be trusted. By dismissing him from service we have again become a Self-Harming Nation.

CPEC: Self-Harming Nation

Self-Harming Nation cpecCPEC is in news around the world for only one good reason i.e. it’s a massive project. Other than that it does not have any kind of merit to be of any help to Pakistan. Chinese will use Pakistan as a transit nation. They had asked Pakistan to raise a separate force entrusted with the only protection of CPEC. Indians got a loan from Japanese at a0.1% rate which they can easily repay. However, for Pakistan, it would be the nightmarish situation. Borrowing at 8% and above is much above the international rates where the rate hovering at less than two percent. Such rates are given in developing countries like India for housing loans.

Think tanks within and outside Pakistan have been raising voices over the treaty signed between China and Pakistan on this project. Firstly, the project has the backing of Pakistan Military and its contents are totally classified and have not been revealed to anyone outside the military circles. This raises not only doubts but also concerns on the aims and achievements of Pakistan in Future.

Bottle Necks

There have been multiple bottlenecks on the project front. China imposed unfeasible conditions on Pakistan to included and finance Daimer-Bhasa Project. Pakistan had to delink the project from CPEC.  Pakistan had been trying to get the project financed through International Monetary Fund (IMF) etc. These attempts failed as the project falls in the disputed territory between India and Pakistan. India did not give its concurrence to the project. Thus funding from IMF was in possible. Chinese central bank knows this and thus wants Pakistan to pledge a guarantee on the project. China is insisting on using Yen in the CPEC corridor as a currency and side-lining US dollar. This is a clear infringement into the sovereignty of a country where only its currency is to be used. However, China is not giving such concessions to Pakistan Rupee. These concerns even though resolvable have created a lot of tensions and requirement for renegotiation of the deal quite frequently.

China is not only giving loan at a very high-interest rate but also not contributing to the development of local expertise as the entire labor force and raw materials being utilized in CPEC is from China. Thus, there is neither human resource development nor development in the local industrial base. This strategy is again making us a Self-Harming Nation.

Points to Ponder:

We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. In the garb of national honor, our bureaucrats refuse to get back slain Mujahids like Ajmal Kasab. These are the same Mujahids who were sent to wage a war by ISI puppets like Hafiz Sayeed. We should be governed by elected leaders. Threats like terror whether promoted for countering India or otherwise are injurious to Pakistan in general. These Military leaders are killing our nation by selling its resources to China in the name of CPEC. Unless united we stand we cannot win against our own army-backed ISI and ISPR. We are fast becoming a Self-Harming nation. We do not require enemies are better at destroying ourselves and our country.

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