10 Dec 2017/Sunday. Insiders are destroying Pakistan more than outsiders.

In the era when India is publishing about advanced drones being developed to monitor Chinese troops across the border and developing relations with the US, Pakistan is stuck in middle age syndrome. Sometimes I start believing that insiders are destroying Pakistan more than outsiders all put together. We have not come out of the antagonizing India Syndrome. Every work we do seems to be towards targeting India. However, India never makes any such stance in its foreign affairs.destroying Pakistan Indian DroneIndians have progressed in indigenous development without any help from any country in the field of Space exploration, Nuclear energy etc. Sometimes, the western powers even had sanctions on their agencies and laboratories, that seemed to strengthen their resolve. We in Pakistan do not have any industrial backbone. We import everything, our development has been dependant on the US in the past and of late on China. The Indian LCA may be struggling because Indians want it 100% indigenous. We know the percentage of indigenous components in our JF – 17. I am not comparing the two but just telling difference in perspective of both the countries.

Thrust in the Wrong Direction

Recently the on 08 Dec 2017, Chief of Pakistan Airforce Sohail Aman passed orders to shoot down US drones violating Pakistani Airspace. ‘I have ordered PAF to shoot down drones, including those of the US, if they enter our airspace, violating the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,’ he said in Islamabad while speaking to an audience. This announcement comes after a US drone strike that targeted a terrorist compound in Pakistan’s tribal region near the Afghanistan border, slaying three militants. This is a statement which is similar to statements given by the foreign office in the past.

The US were targeting the terrorist and not some innocent civilians. Our Political bosses seem to be busy looting the country and Military bosses busy in playing with the religious fundamentalists. Again I fail to understand what these people are trying to achieve by giving these statements. We recently lost young Major fighting the terrorists. Do we not have any price for Pakistani blood? The US is actually helping us killing the terrorists who are destroying Pakistan. We should remember our own army is unable to kill them. Individually they give statements about extremist terrorists in the name of religion but will not tolerate when someone else cleans their mess. Nowadays even the Gulf News is reporting about us.destroying Pakistan Pak Air Chief and Military leaders giving statements

Faizabad Six Point Agreement

Pakistan got a jolt and thrown into doldrums when the six-point agreement was brokered by Pakistan Army. On 26 Nov 2017 Government of Pakistan signed an agreement with the Tehreek-e-Labaik Yah Rasool Allah Pakistan (TLYRAP), laying down, a number of agreed demands. This also included suspension of Law Minister Zahid Hamid. This agreement showed it is the military that was behind the protests all along. The Islamabad High court judge even slammed the role of Military in brokering the deal which helped in destroying Pakistan.
The religious zealots were given the upper hand on the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat clause fiasco, after Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and his team intervened. It should be understood that there are several hidden clauses which are not known to the public at large. In this, the government surrendered their constitutional authority over to Pakistan Army.

Transgressing by Pakistan Army

The military instead of siding the government when asked to help out aided the foul-mouthed religious zealots. This shows that Pakistan as a country is being taken over by religious extremists and thus a danger to the world order. What more will a country like India want when we are becoming a laughing stock in the international arena. Our foreign and national policies have lost their coherence and credibility. This act has betrayed every ideal and value that were embodied in Quaid’s Pakistan. Former Pakistani Diplomat Ashraf Jehangir Qazi has written about this degradation in his essay in Dwan.


Firm and just governance have been rendered impossible by corruption, fear, and treachery. The present PM cannot even address the nation. He comes after a PM who has been ousted on Corruption charges. The bewildered leftover government along with opposition overshadowed by the military and their intelligence agencies. Even military is not untouched by the corruption with business interests in about 50 top companies in Pakistan.

Destroying Pakistan

With all this chaos why should India be interested in destroying Pakistan? When the rulers of Pakistan themselves are busy doing it. Last June, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia referred to Pakistan as ‘a slave country’. He said so as he can summon the PM and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan at any time. The said Prince is cleaning his country with moderate Islam and taking it away from religious extremism and criminally corrupt governance. Externally, our political leaders and Pakistan Army are supporting Saudi Prince, but internally we are supporting hardliners. It is a point to understand why the double standards. Is it just because Saudis give Petrodollars to keep us stand out of bankruptcy? 

Even our friend China, a country which supported us through all ups and downs is looking at us scarily. Recently China has stopped the funding of CPEC projects within Pakistan due to corruption charges. Chinese even wanted dedicated forces for protecting the CPEC corridor. Leaving foreign affairs aside if we think about the status of our daughters, women, and mothers is nest to slavery in the eyes of these religious fanatics.


The world community is observing the situation in Pakistan as dangerous since it has a nuclear arsenal, which has a higher risk of falling into the hands of extremists. The Indians and Americans have been arguing in the same lines for quite some time. Our leaders be it Political or Military have been destroying Pakistan prestige and image. Let us join together to save our daughters, women and mothers from atrocities. Let us save ourselves from our insiders.
With all these may I ask readers reading this essay “Do we require India or the US for destroying Pakistan?”. I guess no we internally are doing enough for others to just sit and let us be destroyed.

The author is a student of Political science, freelance journalist and presently pursuing his financial audit course at Lahore University.


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