30 Dec 2017/Saturday : An explosion in the Russian city of St Petersburg ripped asupermarket. This act of terrorism wounded 13 people with 5 in critical condition. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin directed police to ‘act decisively’ and ‘liquidate the terrorists who perpetrated the crime on the spot’. He confirmed that the attack was carried out by a non-Slavic looking man, most likely a Muslim from the same area that gave us the Tsarnaev brothers. The Tsarnaev brothers were involved in the Boston Marathon Bombers. He also confirmed the blast to Islamic terrorism.

Ground Situation after the act of Terrorism

Speaking after the attack at Breitbart this morning, Mr. Putin highlighted that the state security services should work overtime to arrest those responsible as per the law. The Security agencies should ensure that they (terrorists) should be “liquidated on the spot,” according to Russian state news agency TASS.


Mr. Putin already confirmed that he had already given the orders to “kill terrorists” to the head of the Russian security agency the FSB which is the main successor of erstwhile KGB. While addressing an audience of soldiers who had fought in Syria against the Islamic State, Putin also remarked on the danger of Islamic radicals coming from Islamic State-controlled territory.


Putins Justification on Terrorism

Mr. Putin also portrayed Russian Operation in Syria as a pre-emptive strike on terrorism in Russia. He reiterated that the threats at home would have been much worse if he had not intervened in Syria. He remarked, “what would have happened if these thousands, hundreds, returned to Russia. These radicals were well trained armed?”.

From trusted sources, it is learned that the explosion, from 200g of TNT, caused significant damage inside the shopping mall. It has been found to be loaded with shrapnel to cause maximum damage. The Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee has now been given responsibility for investigating the attack.

St Petersburg state news agency Fontanka reports security camera footage (below) showing the alleged attacker walking into the supermarket with a rucksack which he deposited into a storage locker before quickly leaving the premises.

In the footage, the suspect is seen wearing a brown hooded top, described as a “non-Slavic” in appearance with brown hair. After leaving the device he is reported to have hidden in the crowds. The mall was reportedly filled with Russian Orthodox Christians shopping for Christmas.

International Cooperation in fight against Terorism

In April 2017, ln a similar bonging in Subway train carriage of St Petersburg left 16 dead and 50 wounded. The bombing was claimed by the ISI backed al-Qaeda. Russians even identified the bombed at that time as a 22-year-old Kyrgyz-born Muslim Russian national.

Off late CIA had been tipping Russians of impending Islamic suicide and bombing. In the past the CIA and Mossad had been tipping Indian security agencies this new strategy will isolate terror-supporting countries like Pakistan and run them dry.


Pakistan Army and Terrorism

Pakistan Army backed ISI and ISPR had been extending Islamic terrorism as a state policy to seek revenge against India. Now that Americans are joining hands with the Russians in the fight against all forms of terrorism. Pakistan is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage. Pakistan is the only country in the world to use Terror as an extension of the state policy. Pakistan Army has already given its support to radical clergy in the recent lockdown of state. Pakistan Army even brokered the deal between the Radical Islamic clergy and the Government against the orders of Islamabad High Court.

Final word on Terrorism

This all leads in one direction and that is the creation of Islamophobia and death. Which is equally bad for the common citizen of Pakistan. The question is not of is it Islamic terrorism or not but terrorism. Terrorism in any form should be discouraged as it’s a snake and even Prophet does not permit killing of innocent non-believers if not they are not threatening believers. Then how are these radical Islamic clergy preaching such hatred to young men in Madrasas across Pakistan. There seems to be no audit as the Islamic clergy, Madrasas and Terror groups flourish in the medieval form of education which can easily be corrupted by their dangerous Jihadi ideas. People of Pakistan should wake up from our slumber to protect the takeover of our country by these radical snakes.

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