24 Dec 2017/sunday In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, that of a Self-Harming Nation. As a nation, our political and social values have not gone beyond the medieval period. Time and again in the past we had done great service to the world against evil forces of Soviet Russia and India. Today we are harboring these evils ourselves. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We have been blindly trusting our Military for a long time. The military leaders have had in the past plundered our nation to such an extent that whatever happens to the people of Pakistan their future is secured. They also have proved themselves to be jokers by a section of media around the world.

Statements of NSA: Self-Harming Nation

Pakistan NSA Nasser Khan Januja issued a statement accusing the US of preferring India over Pakistan. He also accused Pakistan that this has caused a gross imbalance in the Indian Sub-Continent. In his statement, he blamed the US for taking Indian side. He expressed his concern in giving India a bigger role in Afghanistan. According to him, Pakistan started facing terror strikes after it aligned with the US in the fight against terror.
He also has been issuing controversial statements recently creating a buzz in the power corridors in Pakistan. These statements are coming out after they are cleared by the ISI. Here it would be to buy time and process the case against a step-motherly treatment by the US. Such statements in the past when put forward by Pakistani students and journalists in the US and elsewhere have been slapped back by Ms. Christine an expert on Pakistan affairs in the US.

ISIS gaining Strength in Pakistan: Self-Harming Nation

Self-Harming Nation-21

Figure 1: Flag of the ISIS. (Photo: H Azeez)

The government of Pakistan since long has been denying the presence of ISIS in its territories, even though they have conducted various attacks killing innocent civilians. The debate on this subject ignited in security circles after a recent attack on a church in Quetta, Baluchistan. ISIS claimed the attack through Amaq outlet. Home Minister of Baluchistan Mr. Sarfaraz Bhugti praised the security personnel who stopped the attackers from entering the main building. 
In 2014, ISIS propaganda surfaced in Pakistan via graffiti and booklet “Fateh”. It spread rampantly across Baluchistan, FATA, and other tribal areas. The provincial government of Baluchistan has already sent a secret report on growing activities of ISIS in its province.

Brief on threat

In February 2016, DG of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan mentioned ISIS as a threat to Pakistan while briefing Senate Standing Committee. He informed that terror groups such as Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan were cooperating with ISIS. Knowing fully well the danger Federal Home Minister Mr. Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan claimed,” ISIS does not exist in Pakistan.” The international community can clearly see his reluctance to admit the presence of ISIS in Pakistan. Pakistan is the only Islamic state with Nuclear arsenal. ISIS would benefit if it could target Pakistan and have roots in Pakistan as the nukes will fall into its hands for use on rest of the world. World community realizes but the government of Pakistan ignores it, as accepting it would mean the loss of arsenal, power and say in the Islamic world.

Tepidity killed 70

Delf-Harming Nation-22

People grieving after the attack.

On 08 August 2016, ISIS killed 70 people in Quetta. Islamabad responded tepidly and this gave room for ISIS to strike back again within two months, killing 61 and injuring 165. The Lashkar-i-Jhangvi group took the responsibility for the attack. In February 2017, ISIS attacked a Sufi shrine in Sindh Province killing 100 and injuring 300. It also hit a convoy of Deputy Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate Abdul Ghafoor Haideri and a military convoy in Quetta. Today ISIS reportedly has a permanent base in Walayat-e- Khurasan with a well-established network.

Points to Ponder:

We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. We should be governed by elected leaders. Threats like terror whether promoted for countering India or otherwise are injurious to Pakistan in general. Unless we decide and stop the propaganda by ISI about good terrorist and bad terrorist we cannot survive. We are becoming a Self-Harming nation. We do not require enemies are better at destroying ourselves and our country.

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