16 Nov 2017/ Thursday  

ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Some wise man said those who have their houses built with glass do not throw stones at others. This is what Pakistan had been doing by Formenting trouble to its neighbours and claimed victim card when the neighbours took offensive action on it.

Be it US drone strikes or Indian Army retaliation along the border, Pakistan claimed violation of its airspace or territorial integrity. Recently Indian Army celebrated anniversary of Surgical Strikes in Pakistani territory which was seen as an unprecedented move by India. The Indian Government this time was fully backing the Indian Army due to change in regime.

US drone strikes are nothing new, they have been operating on the western tribal belt for years unending by operators sitting in bases deep inside US territory. Their operations are generally based on hard intelligence to strike top leadership of militant organizations like Taliban and Haqqanis. 

In another development, Afghan Ministry of Defence has welcomed recent US move to ramp up efforts of CIA to target Taliban Leaders in Afghanistan. US under President Trump reportedly beefing up its counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan by sending in the CIA to conduct covert operations hunt down Taliban. US stand is clear on this issue, it said: “A defensive position is not good for the US as it gets the soldiers killed”.

The US has also started dialogue with Indians for their support and Intelligence sharing. It is believed that teams of American contractors alongside US Special Forces and Afghan forces will together eliminate Taliban once for all. Engaging Indians who have been fighting terrorists sponsored by Pakistan will boost the bilateral ties and increase the mutual trust. Already Indians and Afghans have been working together for years now. In the US, Pakistan’s reputation as an unreliable partner has already led Congress to block attempts by the Obama administration to finance the transfer to eight F-16s to that country. Now Trump step will put pressure on Pakistan to force ISI controlled Taliban to sit across table or be eliminated.

Afghanistan has its own owes to concentrate on. It being a landlocked impoverished country, most of its transit points and trade is with Pakistan. So Pakistan often used this position to leverage as a tool for negotiation and coercion.

By carrying out bombing of Afghan positions across Durand Line into eastern Kunar Province, Pakistan is trying to tell the world that it is chasing or striking hideouts of terrorist groups. Maj Gen Jumma Gul Himmat informed in a press release in Asadabad, that Pakistani forces struck for two days using Rockets and Mortars. The four provinces that were struck are Dangam, Sheltan, Khas Kunar and Marorai. A total of 340 Mortar Shells and 148 Rockets were fired in this fire assault. It is said the attack was on positions called as “Afghan Terrorist Hideouts”.

Earlier in 2016 Torkham became a flash point where the Afghan and Pakistani forces had repeated exchange of fire in the name of terrorists entering from Afghan territory using these check post. This is a stand it projects to world community to reiterate its commitment to anti-terror operations. However, when it comes to stopping terrorist forces entering its neighbour India and India taking offensive on Pakistan the tone and tenor of Pakistan takes a totally different meaning and colour. The similar stand is taken towards the US as well. It would be interesting development when these stakeholder countries and world community firm up their principle positions and beliefs in the near future. 

This stand taken by Pakistan now is similar to the stand taken by USA and India, i.e. to protect their national interest they will strike at will as Pakistan is unable to stop its territory being utilized by terror elements. It is well-known fact that for years Pakistan has been using terrorists to extend its national agenda, extending its influencing world policies and threatening weak nations like Afghanistan.

It would be very interesting to note how the world community reacts when in future Pakistanis’ claim airspace violation or territorial integrity due to these mounting anti-terror operations.

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