06 Nov 17 /Monday

China´s military of around two million is technically the Armed Force of the ruling Communist Party (CPC), rather than the state or a single person. In a strange move by the Chinese Authorities, the PLA has been asked to pledge its allegiance to President Xi Jinping.

The world´s largest armed forces should be “absolutely loyal, honest and reliable to President Xi”, says a new guideline issued by the Central Military Commission on 05 Nov 17.

The Central Military Commission´s calls for allegiance to Xi, shows the extent to which he has consolidated power since having his eponymous philosophy written into the party constitution last month. Xi´s political philosophy, “Xi Jinping Thought”, thus has been made part and parcel of the Chinese Military Ethos. Ideally, there should not be any requirement from a President of a Country like China to ask its Army to pledge allegiance, unless some sort of threat is being perceived from them in future. This is an indication that, there is definitely much more happening inside the CPC, than meets the eye.

Considered the central figure of the People’s Republic’s fifth generation of leadership, Xi has significantly centralized all institutional powers by taking on a wide range of leadership positions, including chairing the newly formed National Security Commission, as well as new steering committees on economic and social reforms, military reform, and the Internet. “Xi Jinping has been nicknamed ‘the Chairman of Everything’. He was labelled by The Economist as “The world’s most powerful man”. The CPC “has published huge volumes on Xi’s political thoughts, since he came to power five years ago.” The “new strongman” Xi has had a personality cult constructed around himself “with books, cartoons, pop songs and even dance routines. Xi Jinping has even has a free mobile app that teaches lessons on him.

Xi Jinping’s order to the PLA to pledge its allegiance is being projected to the world as a step towards absolute control or consolidation of authority is actually a step towards Dictatorship. After Xi’s annexation of power in 2013, China has become more assertive and at times, aggressive. China has sought to expand its regional influence through the Belt and Road Initiative.  China’s aggression in South China Sea and Doklam has forced US, Japan, Australia and India to forge an alliance ‘Quad’.  In a single party controlled system of governance and too much of power centralised in one person is bound to create problems in the long run for China in particular and the World in general. With this new kind of dictatorship emerging in China, is its place in the UN, “RIGHTFUL”?


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