07 Nov 2017/ Tuesday

Masood Azhar is once again caught in a tape admitting to Jaish-e-Mohammad’s role in Srinagar BSF camp attack during a hate speech  in a mosque in Pakistan. In the audio tape accessed by Zee Media, Masood Azhar is heard proudly announcing JeM’s involvement on the terror attack. Azhar also claims that he he has been involved in terror activities for the last 17 years. Last week, China had once again blocked a move by the US, which was backed by India, to designate Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.


What is inferred from this is that China only worries about Islamist radicals Uyghurs on its own soil and will apply pressure on Pakistan only on that front. When it comes to Jihadis from across the border (Pakistan) that target India, China does not see it as in interest to force Pakistan. Needling India using Masood Azhar could be another way of keeping India on tenterhooks. But it appears that in an attempt to protect its all weather friend – Pakistan, China has lost sight of the bigger picture. China wants to equate itsef with super powers and for the same has been expanding its military and economics (which has also become a concern for many). China’s rise has elicited a range of reactions from around the world. Some countries remain skeptical of China’s military  expres in this ransion  while  others (mainly regional) see China as a source of economic opportunity. However, all steps taken in this direction are nullified if the global influence of China turns out to be negative.  Antagonising a neighboring country by supporting terrorism is not what is expected from potential superpowers. China is repeatedly damaging its global image by protecting a terrorist. Its role as a Pakistani terrorist aide would definitely cost it heavily in the long term. Only timely corrective measuegard can help China undo the wrong it has committed.

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