04 Nov 2017/Saturday   

In an apparent admission of failure of its Anti-Terrorist Operations, the Pak army Chief, General Bajwa has shot off a demi-official (DO) letter to the PM,  complaining that that the government has not forwarded any cases to military courts since January this year.

“I have no doubt that the government is serious about implementing the National Action Plan. However, no case has been forwarded to military courts for last many months,” the COAS wrote in the letter.

Recently, there have been many news reports in Pakistani media about the deep divide in civil-military relations. Some time back, the Army Chief had openly castigated the government on economic issues, followed by Twitter spat between DG ISPR and Interior Ministry. Though, this Demi Official letter has been written with a an aim to warn the government not to deviate from standard operating procedures dealing with Pakistan’s Anti-Terror Operations, but at the same time it highlights twin failures on part of Pak Army.

Firstly, non-referral of terror cases by the civilian government to Pak Army, indicate that there are no real terror related cases pending with the government, to be transferred to Army Courts. This also supports the claims of the success by Pak Army Chief against terror. However, this picture is in direct contrast to the contents of the Demi Official letter.

Secondly, it appears that Pak Government is wary of referring cases of ordinary law & order problems to the military. Pak Army, which is known for making people vanish, must be having its list of terror suspects, which the Federal Government is trying to shield for some reasons. This is being seen as main reason for inaction of the Government.

Pakistan Army has been famous for launching operations after operations against its population in garb of National Action Plan. This type of coercion by Pak Army, in garb of National Action Plan shows Army Chief General Bajwa in poor light

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