05 Oct 2017/Thursday   

In February 2013, Report suggested that Pakistan based terrorist groups are slowly creating a bastion in Mynmar’s Rakhine state to open another front against India. Recently, quoting Bangladeshi intelligence sources, Myanmar’s Mizzima  reported that “three long duration calls” between Rohingyas and Pakistan’s ISI were traced to Hafiz Tohar, military wing chief of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on 23rd  and 24th  August just before Rohingya insurgents had launched a pre-dawn attack on Myanmar’s security forces, triggering the latest round of violence.

The ulterior motives of Pakistan are once again out in open. India has shown maturity and prudence in handling the chaos reportedly triggered by Pakistan in Rakhine. The positivity India emanates has a mirror effect in its actions unlike the double standards showcased by most of the Muslim countries. This is evident from the fact that these so called supporters are ready to provide aid to Rohingya refugees in other countries but are clearly denying them proper status in their own. Unlike Pakistan, India is channelized in maintaining peace and stability in the region and takes pride in the increased range and capacity it has shown in handling an ever-increasing list of humanitarian crises.

-Evacuation of Indian and foreign nationals from Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

– Nepal’s massive earthquake.

-The Maldivian drinking water crisis.

-Landslides in Sri Lanka.

– Providing assistance to a typhoon-hit Philippines.

-Op Insaniyat , Rohingya crisis Myanmar.


Therefore, India ‘s balancing act, between ASEAN nations with conflicting interest could be the only way to detonate a ticking time bomb planted by none other than Pakistan.

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