A schoolteacher Aijaz Ahmad Lone was found with his throat slit in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian, near a stadium, this morning. Three terrorists were recently killed in a security operation inside the teacher’s house.The police say he was not an informer for any security agency and had no link with the security operation in his house.


The militants appear to be frustrated due to the heavy military crackdown for the past few months. They have been targeting JKP personnels, local army officers and soldiers and other locals with the primary aim of creating fear in the mind of people. These militants are losing ground, are headless without leaders (since most of them are killed recently), and most importantly OGWs/locals are trying to distance themselves from them as they have started to trust the security forces who are aligned to work constructively for the state and not destructively like the militants. It appears that militancy is probably in its last phase in Kashmir and that is the reason why militants are now targeting own people out of sheer frustration. Yesterday, also militants killed a village sarpanch Showkat Falahi of PDP. These incidents are a proof that militancy so called “jihad”
is not for the Kashmiri’s , because radicalized (foreign/local) militants are now targeting Kashmiri’s, since they are under tremendous pressure from across the border (threatened by ISI, Pak Army) who want to engulf Kashmir in the same holocaust that engulfs Pakistan.

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