18 Oct 2017/ Wednesday

As per the Social Media Buzz in Kashmir one militant was injured and subsequently died as a result of scuffle that broke out with in themselves, when the group had gone to a house of a former Sarpanch of PDP, Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh. One of the militants, Showkat Falahi wanted to injure the Sarpanch at the knee level, while others were in favour of killing. Meanwhile the relative also arrived and opposed the killing of the Sarpanch and there was a big commotion and the militant fired at each other, severely wounding Showkat Falahi. Showkat Falahi later succumbed to injuries.

Number of stories are doing rounds in local Social Media Circles. As per militant’s version Showkat died due to accidental fire. Police claims that they fired at militants, which injured one militant who died subsequently. Another hush-hush version is that when the villagers surrounded the house someone from the crowd fired at militants resulting in the death of Showkat.

In a bid to deflect the attention the militants later set blaze the two stories house of PDP ex Sarpanch Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh.

Whatever be the truth but the fact remains that there is a severe division of opinion among the militants. While the local militants are opposed to killings the foreign militants do not hesitate to open fire at locals and kill them mercilessly. They also do not hesitate to terrorise the local militants to follow their dictat.

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