23 Oct 17 / Monday

In a shocking bombshell interview, an academic with close ties to the Chinese government has warned that war with North Korea was on the table, if it continues with its missile and nuclear tests. Chong Sho-Hu, who is a professor of international relations at the Renmin University, in Beijing, said North Korea was “seeking death”. He also confirmed the long-lasting era of Chinese friendship with North Korea has ended. Despite historic ties between the two countries, president Xi Jinping has reportedly become “fed up” with the erratic behaviour of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Speaking to the BBC, the professor warned that one more missile test would be the move “to push the country off the cliff”. President Jinping was said to be “boiling with fury” after North Korea recently tested a missile just as China was gearing up to host a pivotal global economic conference.  The former US ambassador to China Max Baucus recently claimed the only time he saw the Chinese leader use “undiplomatic language” was in relation to Kim Jong-Un. Professor Sho-Hu, who has ties to China’s defence and foreign affairs establishment, suggested that the time may have come for a military solution to the problem.

The question being asked by the international community is that whether Xi Jinping will sacrifice its long term friend North Korea, in order to bolster its image. The continued backing of North Korea has put China into a tight spot as it is being pressurised by world powers to reign in Kim Jong Un. China considers North Korea more of a liability now. The timing of the interview also coincides with  the 19 National Congress in China, where President Xi Jinping is likely to declare himself as the lifelong Chairman of the Communist Party Of China. The changed position on North Korea is likely to be advantageous to his image, which has been criticised by the US, which has accused China of going against the established world order.

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