Ajarbaijan has ordered 100 tons of humanitarian aid to be dispatched for Rohingyas.

Turkey has mobilised millions of meals for refugees in Bangladesh and vowed to maintain a refugee camp there. It has also provided clothing, part of more than 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid supplied overall.

Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional rival, has sent at least 40 tonnes of aid.

Why all these Muslim Countries have only pledged the aid and not the refuge. The answer lies in Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recent swipe at Muslim countries with business interests in Myanmar.

“There are tens of Muslim countries and governments, some of whom have financial and economic transactions with them,” he said. “If we sit somewhere and engage in condemnations, what is the use of this?”

Some Facts

Saudi Arab does not criticise Myanmar, as a recently opened pipeline running through Myanmar, carries oil from Arab countries and the Caucuses to China’s land-locked Yunnan Province. The 771-kilometre pipeline starts at the Bay of Bengal in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state, from where most of the Rohingya have been forced out. China is also quite for the same reason, though it is also in the same category as Myanmar due to its handling of Uyghur Muslims of Xinjiang.

Pakistan, which is home to anywhere between 40,000 and 250,000 migrated Rohingyas, only lodged protest with Myanmar’s government over its treatment of the ethnic minority. The reason is that Myanmar two years ago bought 16 JF-17 Thunder aircraft, co-developed by Pakistan and China. As per a defense weekly, Myanmar is now in advanced negotiations with Pakistan for licensed production of the fighter jet’s advanced third-generation variant. So economic interests of Pakistan has compelled it to inaction about plight of Rohingyas. Similar is the case with other Muslim Countries.

Clearly the Business interests of Islamic countries have outweighed the Islamic Brotherhood and made Rohingyas a commodity which no one wants but cannot denounce either. It has clearly exposed their hypocrisy also.

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