15 Oct 17/Sunday

A fake video apparently made by ‘Dreamz Unlimited’ is making rounds on social media in Nagaland. The video shows a refugee Rohingya Muslim begging a local Naga for a job. Soon after getting the job, the Rohingya calls others to join in and ultimately deprive the local Naga of his property and kicks him out. The whole episode finishes with a long commentary as how the refugee Rohingyas will ultimately rule and ruin the Nagaland, if not shunted out now.

Viewpoint has learnt that some News Channels have also aired this fake news to gain TRP. Activities of these subversive elements aiming to flare- up communal tension in Nagaland came to light, when an article quoting Nagaland  Police Intelligence was published alleging that the Imam of Dimapur was coordinating training of 2000 Rohingyas through ISIS to attack and capture Nagaland.

Nagaland Police Sources have informed that no such information was received or shared by them.

Local Daily of Nagaland, Morung Express has also covered the same and its headlines say;

“The Muslim Council Dimapur (MCD) today expressed serious concern over the recent fake news being circulated in the social media about the possible attack upon Nagas in Nagaland by Rohingya Militants.”

“The religious Idgah Committee Dimapur has already clarified in the local dailies about the Imam and the allegations and the police also denied any such matter,” the council said in the release.

Condemning the “the irresponsible act of some regional and national media agencies,” it also “politely requested them to rectify their mistake through the same process by which this serious mistake was committed.”

“The MCD may not fail to take the help of the law if the request is not honoured,” it added.

The population of Nagaland and the Nation needs to be careful and not fall prey to such fake news. Makers of these rumors ignore the fact that Nagaland has substantial presence of security forces to thwart any such attempt. The problem of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Nagaland is a different issue and must be addressed through the process of law and any act which threatens the peace and tranquility of the state and Nation must not be allowed to take place.




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