03 Oct 17/Tuesday

It is because of such hate promoting sermons that Madrasas, are now viewed mainly through security lens and known as safe havens for terrorist activities. There are numerous such videos on social media which are a proof that Muslim maulvi’s have deviated from their primary role of propagating Islamic culture and value system and instead are spewing hatred and intolerance towards other religions by misguiding Muslims in the name of preaching Quran. It is never the religious teaching and peace that they promote instead they are always looking for ways to get money out of the pockets of those living in the community surrounding the mosque. They sell the name of Allah and create imaginary boundaries between Muslims and instigate Muslims against non-Muslims. They never come in the light themselves but boldly proclaim how a non-Muslim/infidel should be murdered to attain jannat.  However, this new role of maulvi’s is a total contrast to what it was initially designed for; their central role of preserving, protecting and transmitting the Islamic religious and cultural tradition, anti-colonial struggle and providing free mass education particularly to the poor. Reports suggests that in Pakistan, these maulvis are commonly known for raping young girls, sodomizing children, brutally beating their students and promoting aggression, disturbance, confusion, racism and terrorism in their sermons, but other than that they are very pious.

Islamic education in India began with the arrival of Arab traders. These Arab traders brought along with them their religion, their Quran and knowledge.  During the early period of Islam the religious education was imparted inside the mosque complex itself and this system produced wonderful results. This system produced numerous religious scholars (Ulema and Fuzala) who served the religion to the best of their capacity. The Muslim rulers of India also showed interest in this system of education. When Shahabuddin Ghauri, who had a scholarly bent of mind, conquered Ajmer and constructed numerous mosques and madrasas for the propagation of Islam. Subsequent Muslim rulers of India also showed great interest in constructing mosques and madrasas. Ghauri Dynasty, Slave Dynasty, Khilji Dyansty, Tughlaq Dynasty, Lodhi Dynasty, Bahmani Kingdom and Mughal Empire built a developed network of mosques and madrasas across the length and breadth of the country. These mosques and madrasas played a great role in the propagation of Islam, the language of the period as well as Islamic culture and value system. These madrasas produced thousands of Ulema who excelled in different fields. Some the most luminous scholars of India such as Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlavi and Shah Waliullah led Indian Muslims with their scholarly writings.

It is a dangerous and sad state that maulvi’S are now becoming a threat mostly to their own Muslim community. There is an urgent need for introspection and reform. Muslims  need to re think and re design millions of things which are severely damaging their reputation and one of those most important issues is to take these maulvis to task who are destroying the peace and religious harmony of Muslim States.

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