25 Sep 2017/Monday   

MOHALI: Former Army chief Gen V P Malik (retd) said on Saturday that the government should win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris and not violate human rights while keeping violence in check in the strife-torn region of Jammu and Kashmir.

This came as an answer to a question by a Kashmiri student of Panjab University, who identified himself as Hudda, at the ISB Leadership Summit. When the student asked him about steps that should be taken to resolve the conflict in Kashmir, Gen Malik said politicians were not doing their work in Kashmir. “Politicians have not succeeded and are not doing what they should be doing. Whenever there is crisis, they blame the Army or local police,” said Gen Malik.

Earlier, at a panel discussion of Gyan Setu in Chandigarh on June 2, Malik had said tough measures should be adopted in tough situations, while talking about the controversial incident of Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi using a Kashmiri voter as a human shield.

Hudda said the killing of youngsters was a major concern in Kashmir.

On the agenda of development in Kashmir, Gen Malik said, “It is a difficult situation that we are facing in Kashmir. When you want development in a place like Kashmir, where there is violence, first you have to create conditions where you can carry out development projects and then implement those measures.”

Hinting at separatists in Kashmir, he said, “There are some people in Kashmir who are not really on the right path. I think we need to isolate them because they are not doing any good to the people of Kashmir.”

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