30 Sep 17/Saturday

Among the many monikers that have been bestowed on Pakistan in recent years – Terroristan, Jihadistan, Osamastan, Al-Qaedastan, Proliferationstan, Denialistan, Blackmailistan, Pakjabistan etc – the one that is current this week is Bullshitistan. No country lies quite so openly or consistently or brazenly or frequently as this sad country of 200 plus million. Particularly when it comes to the so-called “Kashmir issue.”

This should not be surprising considering the country itself was founded on a fundamental lie (that Hindus and Muslims, both same species of humans, cannot live together; a founder’s proposition almost immediately negated by Hindus and Muslims who continued to live together even after millions were violently torn as under). But as it often happens with lies, one had to keep constructing more lies to protect the original one, so what we have now is a Republic of Lies that piled lies upon lies on a shaky foundation.

Pakistan has a shady history dating back to its independence where millions of Hindus and Sikhs were massacred who wished to stay back Pakistan. It may be noted that no one talks of other minorities such as Buddhists and Jains of Pakistan. Today Hindu Girls are kidnapped and married off to Muslim boys, this is a long-term plan to eliminate Hindus from Pakistan. In this way, one does not have to kill them just let them live with a policy to ensure that they do not procreate. It is the silent killing of an entire race.

One of the most frequent lies that emanate from Pakistan and its leadership in recent years is the “great sacrifices” it has made in the “war on terrorism” including any casualties its military has suffered. This is like a bomb-maker complaining about his arm or leg being blown off while he’s making a bomb for his terrorist comrade. They seriously expect sympathy.

Part of the reason they expect sympathy (and payola to go with it) is because many U.S mandarins, officials, and generals frequently resort to “recognizing” Pakistan’s “sacrifices” by way of getting better compliance for American objectives.

No one for a moment believes Pakistan is making any sacrifices. But by talking about the sacrifices and throwing out some crumbs, U.S mandarins and generals try and ensure that Pakistan’s toxic military and intelligence services inflict less damage on U.S and its assets in Afghanistan through their terrorist proxies. For the longest time, Washington’s Pakistan policy was based on the unwritten understanding that “we’ll pay you to not attack us.”

Another bogus construct that Pakistanis have milked for long years is the Kashmir issue, better known as the “Cash Mere” ATM in some Indian circles. It has been good for Pakistan periodically extracting money from the international community.

As anyone but the most credulous dimwit knows (and there are many in Pakistan and even some in India), compliance with the UN Resolution on Kashmir (which Pakistan keeps seeking despite it being non-binding and infructuous) means Pakistan has to FIRST withdraw from Kashmiri areas which IT INVADED and OCCUPIED, to allow a plebiscite called on by the resolution. The plebiscite itself cannot really be undertaken now because of the demographic and cartographic changes Pakistan has made (including giving away parts of Kashmir to China). How do you roll back the situation to 1948?

Come a few decades after independence of Pakistan in 1971, West Pakistan launched massive genocide in East Pakistan just because the eastern part voted a different party to power. Their leaders were arrested and their intellectuals were killed and buried in mass graves. There are confirmed reports that Army rounded women and girls from ages eight to seventy-five and transferred them to concentration camps where they were systematically raped and then murdered. A detailed report of the same is available on internet Hamoodur Rahman Commission, which was tasked to do the fact-finding by West Pakistan on atrocities committed by West Pakistan Army in East Pakistan. In the report are shocking facts about how East Pakistan Regular Army was systematically disarmed and killed and buried in mass graves within cantonments and in paddy fields.

Pakistani leaders will never mention all this. Instead, they will yammer about Indian atrocities including producing fake photographs at U.N. Such atrocities undeniably take place; as much as there are atrocities in Karachi or Quetta, or Kolkota or Quilon. None of this is to be scoffed at; policing, law enforcement, military rule etc on the sub-continent is brutal. But the idea of the Kashmiri “freedom fighter” is a joke. Whatever little sentiment there was has been corrupted and corroded; the “freedom fighters” and those who sold out have made out very well for themselves, paid off by one or the other side.

But Pakistan itself is going broke riding its fortunes on the Kashmir issue. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence will have figured out by now that Pakistan has a poor case. The harder it tries, the less yield there is now from Cash Mere. In fact, lolly from the Kashmir ATM is now down to a trickle. Except for the Chinese, who will continue to put money in it simply because they will one day want to take away the portions that remain with Pakistan (like candy from a child), no one in the world will give a damn – or a sou. Even the “nuclear flashpoint” card has been overplayed.

To keep the issue alive, more lies will be invented, from India “stealing” water to alleged Indian terrorist attacks in Pakistan, though on each occasion the Pakistani charges have been dismissed or laughed out in international fora. This includes the Kulbhushan Jadhav case where not a single country in the world had bought into Pakistan’s claim that it has apprehended on Indian terrorist. If anything, western diplomatic corps believe that Jadhav, who was operating in Iran, was entrapped and kidnapped by Pakistan agents.

Overall, there hasn’t been a single case Pakistan has successfully made out against India at the bar of world opinion – whether it is with regards to proliferation or terrorism or water or Kashmir. Apparently, they have now stopped preparing dossiers (particularly after the fake photographs fiasco) because the last one they presented to the U.N and the U.S went straight to the trashcan. Maybe changing the country’s name to Fakistan will yield better results, but don’t hold your breath.

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