28 Sep 17/Thursday

Law enforcement agencies conducted a raid at Karachi Central Jail and took custody of two terror convicts who were recruiting inmates for ISIS. Reports reveal that up to 30 prisoners were recruited from inside the jail premises for the banned organisation.

Of the 30 prisoners recruited into ISIS, 12 have been released on bail and they have gone missing thereafter. Their whereabouts are unknown as per security agencies of Pakistan. International community had been warning Pakistan that its soil is being used for recruitment of terrorists and the Govt of Pakistan including Pakistan Army had been denying the same.

Law enforcement agencies have raided several residences of the ISIS recruits released on bail and ISIS sympathisers but have not been able to trace the missing individuals. It is believed that the have gone underground after instructions from their handlers to strike. It is not known if their target is in Pakistan or outside of Pakistan.

This is not the first instance of militant or criminal activity surfacing from within the jail premises. In this connection raids at seven suspected hideouts had been done by Damascus, however, no information has been shared with news media.

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