08 Sep 2017/Friday

As per reports emanating from Pakistan media, China has clarified that its policy on Pakistan and Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts remains unchanged. This statement from a senior Chinese official has surfaced ahead of Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s Beijing visit to China.

In BRICS Declaration, some Think Tanks have observed a hint of change in China’s position towards terror perpetrated by Pakistan.

The Chinese official sought to dispel that impression, saying it’s hoped that “Pakistan can view the situation in correct and calm manner”. He said: “China consistently speaks for Pakistan and hopes that this tradition will be carried on in the future”.

He clarified that the concern expressed in Xiamen Declaration related to the situation in Afghanistan. He said China appreciated Pakistani contributions to efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said Beijing called for “a holistic counterterrorism strategy” and opposed “double standards on counterterrorism”. Ironically India has been saying all along what Beijing has said now. This debunks Pakistan’s theory of good and bad terrorists. Though no word has come from the higher circles of Chinese Government in support of Pakistan’s role in regional terror but Pak Government has chosen to interpret and blow the statements from lowly officials, just to assuage the feelings of humiliation in the domestic crowd post BRICS joint declaration.

The BRICS resolution, which named terrorist groups such as Jaish-e-Muhammad and the Lashkar-e-Taiba, both headquartered in Pakistan, was a breakthrough moment from an Indian perspective. That it was made at a forum chaired by China on Chinese soil caused lot of heartburn in Pakistan. Clubbed with the Trump administration’s sharp comments at Fort Myer in Arlington, on Pakistan’s offering sanctuary to terrorists, it would appear that the big powers of the West and the East have finally acknowledged India’s concerns.

China has always placed world opinion on top of Sino-Pak relations. In early Nineties also, China had withheld supplies of M 11 missiles to Pakistan due to international pressure and Pakistan had to get the missiles designs from North Korea to further its delivery capacity. The same fears have again surfaced in Pakistan post BRICS declaration.

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