29 Sep 17/Friday   

A video has emerged on social media which shows a man who apparently participated in a Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH) rally in Darbhanga, Bihar in support of Rohingya Muslims. He begins by asking PM Modi to break his silence on the alleged persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma (Myanmar). He adds, “Today we have rallied in Darbhanga, but we will take this protest to Delhi and UNO if needed. There is a conspiracy against Muslims in the whole world, whereas Muslims are peaceloving people. We should not be defamed, and should be protected. If this is not done, our Hindu brothers should remember that they will become history, and this nation will cease to exist on the map. Before this, during a rally in Kolkata by Maulana Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi, a Shia cleric, had threatened to overthrow the Government if Rohingyas are evicted.


The Government’s decision has led to Islamist organizations across the country to come out in full protest; to the extent that the so called non violent Muslim outfits like Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind have now turned to threatening the government. This clearly exposes the face of Islamofascim in India. Well this not surprising, since earlier also there have been massive support exhibited for criminals of the likes of Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI) who were convicted and sentenced to death by the Sheikh Hasina Government for their involvement in the 1971 East Pakistan genocide where around 2.5 million Bengalis (70-80% Hindus) were murdered and lakhs of women raped by the Pakistani Army and their Islamist collaborators like JEI.

However, question here is that there are approximately 40,000 Rohingya Muslims in India concentrated in critical areas like Jammu. Several incidents of Rohingyas indulging in drug trafficking and criminal activities have been reported but played down by the mainstream media. Intelligence agencies warn about presence of the terrorist outfit Arakan Rohingya Salvage Army hiding as refugees and teaming up with ISI sleeper cells. Then why these “so called” peace loving Muslim outfits  fighting against the Indian government?  Why don’t these Pakistani planted outfits seek help from Pakistan or other Muslim countries? Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia have refused to allow the Rohingya refugees in and have offered little more than condemnation and urgently needed humanitarian aid. Picture is quite clear, they wouldn’t because they know that brotherhood (falsely in the name of religion) flies out of the window when it is needed the most. It is only existent to create unrest in India.

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