Five days ago it was Pakistan’s Defense Day again. One could see hysteric pride and paranoia on social media outlets. Well-rehearsed voices choked with emotion, as ‘artists’ expressed gratitude for our army, telling us how they defended us against “India: our eternal enemy”.

“Eternal enemy”? Is India our eternal enemy? It is true that we had wars with India; that our brave young men died fighting for Pakistan. But there is no evidence of an Indian design to conquer Pakistan, and in all the wars with India, fallen heroes were not in thousands. On the contrary, our brave boys also died in equal numbers fighting the Taliban; 50,000 Pakistanis were killed and economy ruined. Do we ever define Taliban as our “eternal enemy” or even “enemy”?

Indian opinion-makers don’t call us their eternal enemy, although Muslims ravaged and ruled India with a sword for a thousand years.

We call India our eternal enemy although Indians never invaded or plundered a Muslim land. Our leaders demanded separation; India did not expel us, but we love to call India our Eternal Enemy!

The Taliban and Bin Laden’s fighters hated Pakistan in spite of the fact that we protected and hosted them, and they openly wished to overthrow Pakistan as a nation-state. Yet we never called them an enemy.

We teach our people to speak for “Muslim Umma”; but interestingly, no Muslim nation thinks of India as the enemy. Even Saudi Arabia is friends with India. Does that mean our conflict with India is not part of our Umma Commitment but a national issue?

But what kind of nationalism do we practice? On the one hand, We have no natural boundary with India but we spend billions to contain her from reaching Iran or Afghanistan.

 On the contrary, we had a tough natural boundary with China but we erased it and handed over our entire mainland to her to connect her with the Middle East.

This same China has joined India on BRICS Declaration to oppose our suicidal course of hosting terrorists. It is clear that nobody in the whole world supports our paranoia against India or our infatuation with medievalist disorder.

It is never too late for a nation to reconsider its options. The generals of Pakistan may be great patriots but their thinking is not great. It has not yielded any glory for their people or even for the army they lead.

It is still time for them to rethink their role. The process of religious radicalization has to stop. We have to accept India as a partner against terrorism. That will give us the weight and balance we need to exercise our sovereignty versus India and China.

Generals have every channel of public opinion under their command. The world will strongly stand behind Pakistan if they choose the right role. This nation will sink into slavery if it keeps to its present course.

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