22 Aug 2017/Tuesday

Will there be a better solution to benefit both the countries which will be disastrous to Parasitic countries like Pakistan.

This is one of the frequently discussed topic amongst intellectuals in the National capital over a cup of coffee. Specially after the Doklam log jam. For finding the answer we have to understand the present situation.

First. This is 2017 and not 1962. Both the countries have changed a lot. China is not simple Military power. It’s also economic power. India is not the same ill prepared country as in 1962. It’s a nuclear power and has stable government. 

Secondly, If China is in wise hands then it will never attack India as it is not economically viable. Today, China is a leading country in Electronics Manufacturing and Assembling being a economic giant. Today we are surrounded by Electronics our TV, Mobiles, Fridge, Laptops are being assembled in China this is because assembling is cheaper in China. Every leading manufacturer prefers manufacturing base in China to reduce cost and increase profit. 

If a war takes place, then sea routes from China to all leading developed countries such as Australia, Africa, New Zealand, South America will be affected because cheapest sea routes from China to these countries goes through Indian Ocean and India can block all Chinese shipments. If China won’t ship Mobiles and Electronics products to these countries then they will not be able to purchase and ultimately world MNCs such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, HP, LG etc will lose market cap due to their inability to complete their respective manufacturing cycles. This will ultimately affect dollar and world economy.

It will cost China as well as India heavily because Civilian infrastructure and Army of both the countries will be damaged because this is not 1962 it is 2017 and India is also a Superpower now.

Instead of fighting the countries will have to eventually have to understand that in modern era the Zero Sum events such as wars i.e. of winner(+1) and looser (-1) is a very old concept. The new concept is non zero sum or a solution where its Win-Win situation. The Chinese will eventually realise that worlds nearly half population is in Sino-Indian region and resolution of the issues will help in both the countries in de-escalation on Zero sum solution and acceleration towards Non Zero sum solution. This will eventually help both the countries in overtaking the rest of the world in terms of economy resulting emergence of new economic centres for the world to look at.

This will be disastrous to countries like Pakistan who breed on fault lines between the two fighting neighbours. The Chinese will stop economic aid and technology transfer to critical war machinery as they would find Indians as better partners in their peaceful existence. Pakistani religious fundamental groups have already caused enough trouble to Chinese Authorities in the Western Provinces.

Chinese leadership, I guess today is in much better and educated hands who will take *Mutually Beneficial Non Zero Sum Solution* when compared to attrition based Zero sum solution.


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