30 Aug 17/Wednesday

Key Takeaway – The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs vowed to continue to patrol the disputed area.

Global Times: “The Chinese foreign ministry confirmed Monday that India has removed its trespassing troops from China’s territory on the Doklam Plateau… China has used multiple diplomatic channels to engage with India and also conducted effective military measures to safeguard its sovereignty and legal rights.”

ECNS “China and India have agreed to end the standoff in the Donglang area of both countries’ border, China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday. As of 2:30 p.m. Monday, India has withdrawn border personnel at the face off site at Donglang. The Foreign Ministry also said that China will continue to protect its territorial sovereignty.”

China Daily “The Chinese government attaches great importance to develop good neighborly and friendly relations with India… China expects India to honor historical treaties and agreements as well as the basic principles of international law.”

South China Morning Post “In an earlier position paper, China said that at the peak of the crisis, up to 400 Indian soldiers and two bulldozers were engaged in the confrontation. The withdrawal comes a week ahead of a BRICS summit in Xiamen, Fujian province, where Chinese President Xi Jinping will play host to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leaders of the three other major emerging economies.”

Shanghaiist “India has historically been closely allied to Bhutan, but in recent years China has sought to increase its own engagement with the tiny mountainous kingdom. That has fed into a broader competition for regional influence between the two Asian powers.”                       

Summary of Chinese Foreign Ministry statements

“In order to meet the needs of defending the borders, improving the living conditions, China has long engaged in infrastructure development including the road construction”.

“We will take into consideration all relevant factors, including the weather, to make relevant construction plan in accordance with the situation on ground.”

Chinese border troops “will continue to station and patrol the Doklam Area. We will continue to exercise our sovereignty with historic conventions.”

“So far we have resolved the issue of illegal trespass of the Indian troops. Peaceful resolution of the issue through the diplomatic channel serves the common interests of all relevant parties.”

“It shows the sincerity and responsible attitude of China as a major country,”


By not reacting to Chinese Media, India has once again underscored the need of resolving the issues through talks. India has always advocated the peaceful resolution of Status Quo Violation by China and China has responded with maturity.

The Verdict – Economic Interests prevail over anything else.

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