How China creates perceptions against US India Nexus ? Argument goes on like this:

When China is concerned about THAAD system installation in South Korea, China uses diplomatic and economic measure to show her concern;

When US is concerned about the South China Sea, they send US Navy to demonstrate their presence and concern in South China Sea;

When India is concerned about Chinese presence in Doklam region, India send troops directly to Doklam region, to show their concern, eye-to-eye with China.

When communication and diplomatic channels are still open and functional, India still prefers to send the troops first and declare subsequently “Diplomatic Channels are Open”.

Most Chinese don’t even know where Doklam is.

Google Map is blocked in China. There is no other map in China that can show the detailed border line between China, India, and Bhutan.

Media in China has never mentioned where Doklam is and where the border line lies. Government never reveals the location. Government only shows a map sketch and tells Chinese that India invaded China.

A simple comparison of google map with most popular map service in China Baidu Map will prove that there is no border line in Baidu Map.


China has occupied Doklam for years. Bhutan does not have the ability to reclaim the land. China and Bhutan have agreed via written agreements of 1988 and 1998 that both countries will maintain peace and the status quo in the region.

Now in recent months, China suddenly broke agreement and wants to build more roads and possibly prepares to occupy more land. So China is clearly the aggressor and standoff between China and India takes place.  

Three Warfare Punch Line

During this standoff, Chinese government withholds the key information and keeps stirring up nationalist sentiments in China. Average Chinese citizen becomes angry and clamours for war with India. All other problems of China forgotten.  

India’s response has been a measured silence – PM speech on Independence Day is an indication.


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