Chinese military experts reiterated that China has  military advantage over India, after an Indian magazine’s report came out that the Indian Army would give China a bloody nose, if war breaks out. Noting that China’s military advantage over India is totally misplaced and hyperbole, a military expert told the ‘Global Times’ that the reports are misleading. Based on different sources, the statistics can be extremely different. For instance, according to data from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), China currently has 2.3 million soldiers and 510,000 troops under reserve components, while the same numbers for India are 1.3 million and 1.15 million, respectively. Based on this, China still possesses more troops than India in total. The expert also noted that numerical advantages alone cannot bring victory on the modern battlefield. Soldiers’ personal competence and educational background play even more important role. Based on Indian government’s own estimation, the country’s illiteracy rate is around 20 to 30 percent, while the number in China is only 4 percent.  The expert denounced that as for geostrategic circumstances and security concerns, the article noted that due to China’s longer shared border, the country will suffer more pressure than India. Chinese expert noted that though India’s front line is shorter, its intense border tussle with Pak will reduce the number of troops that can deployed along the Sino-Indian border. The report claimed that India has more towed artillery and armored fighting vehicles than China, but such weaponry cannot reach their full potential once a war occurs between China and India, as most of the Sino-Indian border lies in highlands and mountain areas, which are not ideal battlefield conditions for such heavy military equipment.

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