Chinese Foreign Ministry issues  documents “Telling Facts and Position on Donglang Standoff” .

 1.On 05 Aug 2017, Tibet News Network published an article titled “Don’t underestimate our determination to defend territorial sovereignty”, written by Ding Hao of Chinese Military Academy.

2.On 02 Aug 2017, the ministry of foreign affairs of China has issued a document “the Facts and China’s positions on the illegal border crossing by Indian border troops  in to Chinese territory at the Sikkim section of China-India border” and has made clear to the international community the truth of the border crossing by Indian troops and the position of Chinese government .  

3.It is said that as on 02 Aug 2017 (AN), still there are 48 Indian soldiers along with bulldozer illegally stranded in Chinese territory.

China threatened a Military Action Against India in two Weeks.  

 China is likely to undertake a small military operation to expel Indian troops at Doklam. The Chinese media reported that such action would be taken in two weeks time. State-owned Global Times quoted Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at the Institute of Intl Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences that if India refuses to withdraw, China may conduct a small-scale military operation within two weeks”. Hu, however, added that China will inform India’s foreign ministry before undertaking any such operation.

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