21 Aug 2017/Monday 

“China’s war threats against India following the Dokalam Standoff in mid-June 2017 have been shrill, threatening and a desire to ‘Teach India a Lesson’. The latest is an SCMP post in which Chinese military sources have been quoted that China will opt for a Limited War at Donglang La and initially employ Chinese air-power and strategic missiles to neutralize India’s Mountain Divisions in the area. Chinese military sources have been quoted as stating that Indian Army will not be able to last a Chinese Limited War for more than a week.” 


So far the entire Dokalam episode has done no bad to both countries but it has definitely done a lot of good to India. This is how we” ll justify the same.

Chinese threats gone half cocked.   Underestimating India’s military capabilities and making arrogant statements in this regard has done severe damage to China who has been trying hard to find its footing as a superpower. These tall claims have reflected China as “aggressive” and India’s measured replies as a “peace loving nation”. Superpowers don’t act this way in the heat of the moment, they come across as a responsible country not just somebody beating their own trumpet, making arrogant statements underestimating others capabilities and eventually falling on the face.

India emerges as a balanced power: The global community (US, Japan and others) acknowledge that India in marked contrast has not resorted to belligerence and war-mongering on the issue like China. It has emerged as a mature nation who has taken time to make calculated assessments based on the ground realities not jus numerical superiority.

Indian Military preparedness checked: With the backing of a strong govt, Indian military dugged into the weak lines along the Chinese border, analyzed them in depth and pledged to give a befitting reply. Simultaneously, Indian military is carrying out further calculated assessments along this border to further strengthen its military capability.

India emerges as Big brother to Bhutan:The present Chinese approach of bulldozing its way has left it with more enemies than friends, who are compelled to silence due to Chinese might. Hence, India supporting Bhutan in countering China’s bullying actions is justified. Strong nations supporting their smaller and weaker friends would send a message to the neighboring countries (Nepal, Srilanka, Myanmar) that in India they have an “all weather friend.”

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